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iOS 8 has seen it’s first jailbreak thanks to the Pangu Jailbreak team. However, jailbreaking isn’t always a clear concept. There has been so much speculation about it. Is it legal, is it safe, does it void warranty. The best iOS apps of all time free your device from the clutches of Apple and reinvigorates any iDevice with new life. From changing the look with a simple theme or changing or adding functionality with tweaks, iOS Jailbreaking is a limitless experience.

The following infographic is a god send to people who are new to jailbreaking iOS 8. It thoroughly explains what you can do after jailbreaking iOS 8 and dismisses fact from fiction. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen jailbreaking being broken down in a simple infographic, but it’s great to have an updated version for iOS 8. May people find jailbreaking to be useless after iOS 8 added many features such as widgets in the notifications menu or third party keyboards or camera filters but the truth is, jailbreaking iOS 8 can do so much more than just simple changes of how iOS 8 looks. read on to find out more.


Available for both Mac & Windows, the latest version of Pangu is 1.2 (Updated 8/9) which fixes any issues any previous installers may have had. You can download the latest version below.
Steps for using Pangu are as follows.
  • Simply run on your Windows Or Mac PC by right clicking & selecting ‘run as administrator’ (Windows) & ‘open’ on a Mac.
  • Plug in your compatible iDevice running on the latest 7.1.2 Firmware. I really would recommend that you update as to be on the latest version of iOS & simultaneously enjoy the jailbreak.
  • Select Jailbreak & sit back for a couple minutes! It will ask you to click on the Pangu icon on your device in a couple moments. As soon as you do that, your device will restart a couple times.
  • NOTICE: This will NOT make your device slower in any way by itself. Be careful what you install in Cydia though, some tweaks are not optimized for 7.1.1 & may slow your device down.
  • Done! Wait for reboot & enjoy your jailbreak! 

HOW TO CREATE NESTED FOLDERS, BLANK ICONS & HIDE STOCK APPS ON iOS 8 – iOS application development platform

Just because you do not currently have a jailbreak doesn’t mean you can’t customize your device to some varying degree.  Here are a few no jailbreak required tweaks that will both enhance your device and allow for some cool customization. All of these do work on the latest iOS 8.1.3 firmware and even iOS 8.2 and 8.3.
Create blank icon spaces using a website for your device. In the past you could use a glitch to create a blank icon but now you need to use a tool in order to cut out icons from your wallpaper and create semi blank icons. “” on any device if you are having trouble on your iPhone. This is an ingenious solution for customizing the layout of your homescreen pages without a jailbreak.
Put a folder in another folder using a simple glitch. Make nested folders by creating a new folder between two other apps and have a folder you’d like to place inside of it nearby. As soon as you create the folder, grab the folder you want to place inside and hold it until the newly created folder opens. Place the folder inside.
Remove unwanted stock applications using a simple glitch. Just place all unwanted apps in a folder or just one alone is fine. Then fill up your homescreen completely. Now drag the app or folder of apps you’d like to make disappear into any random app and create a folder on that full page. Then drag that app out and place it on the dock. Like magic, the app will disappear and there will be no trace of it except if you search for it on spotlight search. Restarting your device will brink back the app or apps removed.


Lydia Substrate had been updated to the latest version of 0.9.5015 for iOS 8 – iOS application development platform. Cydia Substrate is a utility that is a must when installing Cydia that works the background to ensure maximum compatibility with iOS 8. Cydia Substrate 0.9.5015 is the result of hard work from Saurik who is the creator of Cydia.

0.9.5014 was released with the following change log:
Saurik had followed up on that update and released the latest Cydia Substrate 0.9.5015 in order to address the many issues people were experiencing with OpenSSH on iOS 8. Many people were unable to Jailbreak because of this issue but should now be able to.
Essentially, there are 2 major changes that you need to install or update to while attempting or after jailbreaking your device. First, open the Pangu Jailbreak application you get when you jailbreak your device and go to changes tab and update the Pangu Untether package to .2 version. Next, open Cydia and go to the changes tab, refresh it and install this latest version of Cydia Substrate to ensure a smooth and reliable iOS 8 Jailbreak experience. This is a must for anyone who is currently running the iOS 8 Jailbreak.

PANGU iOS 8 JAILBREAK GETS RELEASED FOR MAC – iOS application development platform

Hundreds of thousands of devices have been freed from Apples clutches and many more to come. The Saurik bring it up to date for iOS 8 and the new devices such as the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Unfortunately, many Mac users have been unable to jailbreak their devices due to no Pangu for mac version existing.
Well that’s all about to change, the Pangu Jailbreak team were happy to announce that work was going into the new Pangu for mac version. In a follow up tweet to their announcement for Pangu version 1.2.1 being released, they blessed us with news to the upcoming Pangu for mac release.
On a side note, it will be a sad day to see iOS 8.1.1 come and ruin all the hard work the Pangu Jailbreak team has put into their latest release. For now, the Pangu jailbreak team is focusing on improving their jailbreak tool. I’m sure when the time comes, iOS 8.1.1 will become a major focus for them and another iOS 8.1.1 untethered jailbreak will happen. It’s always a surprise to see a major jailbreak release with no warning and it seems almost inevitable that a iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak will come to life thanks to the hard work and effort of the Pangu jailbreak team. We’ll keep you updated on any Pangu for mac news and will have a full tutorial to match soon. iOS 8 can now be jailbroken on any mac thanks to the new Pangu for mac.
The release number is 1.0.0 and works on any Intel supported mac computer. There is nothing that is different from the windows Pangu 1.2.1 version. The Pangu jailbreak team definitely took their time on the Pangu for mac iOS 8 jailbreak release but it was certainly worth it. It is advised that you right click on the Pangu for mac iOS 8 jailbreak icon and select open. Otherwise you will be greeted with an error. As usual, this is a fully untethered jailbreak and is compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 1, iPad Mini,  iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad 4, and iPod Touch 5th Generation.


Looks like Apple is in deep water thanks to their latest iOS 8 update. Details say that allegedly, Apple “fails to disclose” to installers that up to 23.1 percent of the advertised storage room on 8 GB and 16 GB devices would be taken up by iOS 8. 
Another claim states that there is a discrepancy between the amount of storage actually usable versus the amount of storage advertised for the particular device. Instead of having the amount of storage claimed available, Apple pushes users to purchase more space using iCloud. According to the plaintiffs in this case, “Using these sharp business tactics, defendant gives less storage capacity than advertised, e.g., when a consumer is trying to take photos at grandchild’s recital, basketball game or wedding.” 
The reason this issue surfaces in court now is because the issue was never really as bad as it is now. When first released, iOS 8 claimed for itself more than 500 MB of space as compared to iOS 7. With iOS 8.2, Apple is attempting to reduce that amount to something more manageable.
William Anderson who is also the plaintiff’s attorney from a Washington, D.C. based law firm, is seeking restitution not just damages, but changes to the Cupertino based company’s policies as well, more particularly under the California state law. In retrospect of all the users who were affected after installing iOS 8, Anderson said that, “there are a substantial number of Apple consumers that have been shortchanged, and we’ll be pursuing the claims vigorously.”
The lawsuit even has a funny side, using Apple’s very own irony in their slogan, “The biggest iOS release ever”, citing hidden subliminal text an unsuspecting purchaser. With all this being said, this won’t really phase Apple in the least, lawsuits are not a rare occurrence for them and it will be interesting to see how this all develops.

What is iOS 8.0.1?

iOS 8 has been out for barely a week. Battery life has tanked, stability is gone and crashing seems to be terribly rampant. Personally I’ve experienced all of these and more including weird screen glitches on my iPhone 6. Many iPhone 4S users are reporting awful speed differences between iOS 7 and iOS 8 which I detailed here. Of course it’s not all so bad, many new features and welcome changes have been added.
As with many new released, it’s always a good idea to wait until the big final update in order to stay ahead of all the unsavory side effects. It will be a welcome update and the very first on the iPhone 6. Unfortunately, looking at the release notes, nothing is listed as a stability or battery fix. Here’s the official lineup of changes on the release notes.
We can expect iOS 8.0.1 according to MacRumors, any time within the next 2 weeks. On a side note, if you have updated to iOS 8 and don’t like it, the possibility of a downgrade is still there so just use this guide here to downgrade.
What we’d all like to see in the following update is for Apple to address the usability of iOS 8 on older devices such as the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Battery life needs to be optimized for older devices as well and the random crashing couldn’t hurt. All in all, iOS 8 is a beautiful software but one that deserves better optimization.

What is iOS 8.0.2?

The very first iOS 8 update was released to the public, almost 2 weeks after the initial iOS 8 rollout. It was a disaster. 8.0.1 was released to address some critical bugs such as a keyboard iCloud issue, broken health app functions and general performance and stability improvements. Unfortunately it did not go as planned, Apple was forced to pull the firmware almost immediately after due to the widespread issues. Many users reported diminished or completely reduced cellular service as well as a non functioning Touch ID sensor. It baffles me as to how Apple could release such a broken firmware without some sort of quality control screening.
This isn’t the first time that Apple has messed up a software update but it’s certainly one of the worst. Fortunately, the firmware was removed from the air after the initial reports came in. Not many people were affected, Apple urges those that were to downgrade back to 8.0 using their guide.
The official change log for 8.0.1 can be seen here and 8.0.2 will keep these changes as well as add a few fixes. Apple released a public statement which is as follows; For those who have updated on their older iOS 8 devices such as the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 are definitely feeling the difference. Many users are reporting frequent crashing, terrible battery drain and an overall slower system experience. It’s a shame really, because the firmware is a great improvement in terms of features to iOS 8. Hopefully Apple can figure this all out and get back on track with iOS 8.0.2. Many users are remaining on iOS 7 until Apple releases iOS 8.1 which would be a more complete firmware.


iOS 8 has been out for quite some time now and as the world gets accustomed to the changes, teams are hard at work finding the exploit for the next jailbreak. When iOS 7 came out, we saw proof of a jailbreak just weeks into it’s release. The newer the firmware, the more exploits that have been patched. iOS 8 has closed the exploits used by Pangu and Evasion.
Evasion Team & the makers of Pangu are hard at work on the new iOS 8 Jailbreak. It’s no easy task and nobody is getting anything out of it other than being a thorn up Apples side. Now it’s a distinct possibility that we may be charged a small fee in order to be able to Jailbreak our devices. Pangu has posted a poll on their website as can be seen in the photo below. They asked fans to vote as to how much a Jailbreak should be.
Jailbreaks have always been free and it seems absurd that we would have to pay in order to do it. However, when you think about the insane amount of hours that go into finding and exploiting the device, it makes more sense. The Evasi0n team however is to keep their iOS 8 jailbreak tool free.
Just a couple weeks before official iOS 8 release, a redditor posted the following images depicting a modified Pangu iOS 8 jailbreak tool to work with iOS 8 Gold Master edition. It’s unclear as to whether or not it worked, but it does give hope for future iOS 8 Jailbreak versions.
However it is most likely false based on lack of evidence and many prior attempts at internet fame with a fake tool. Remember, you should never have to pay for a Jailbreak and there will always be someone out there trying to make a quick buck off of gullibility with a iOS 8 jailbreak tool. Let’s hope that a real solution can be found in the future for the iOS 8 Jailbreak.


Like how iOS 8 looks? You can install iOS 8 Beta 4 absolutely free. Compatible devices are iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. No need to register the UDID or have a developers account. iOS 8 beta 4 is currently the latest updatable version & includes many new features & bug fixes. I would say it’s even stable enough to run as a daily software. You shouldn’t install this on your primary device as it is prone to crashing or experiencing bugs here and there.
iOS 8 beta 1 was released on June 2nd, bringing many new features to iOS such as Continuity, iBooks, Health App, more Camera App features, quick contacts, intractive notifications, improved weather app, much smarter siri, shazam built into siri, battery usage indicator, 3rd party keyboard support, 3rd party notification widgets, quick type predictive software, iCloud photo library, family sharing, snapchat built into messages, touch id for all apps, smarter spotlight, metal engine for 5S & so much more that I can’t list it all!
In order to install iOS 8 Beta 4 for free, you’ll need to download the actual iOS file. After this installations all further updates of the beta series can be done manually from Settings/General/Software Update. Most IPSW files we are downloading are through torrents so you’ll need a torrent client like uTorrent which you can in the downloads below.
Step 1. Use a torrent client to download the necessary file to install iOS 8 Beta 4 IPS.
Step 2. Open iTunes, plug in your iDevice & hold down ‘shift’ on a Windows computer or ‘option’ on a Mac & browse to where the .IPSW file is located. Select it. (Make absolute sure you do NOT select ‘restore’)
Step 3. Wait about 10-15 minutes for the iTunes to perform the update. You will not be faced with any activation issues on install or reboot of the iPhone.
Step 4. Done! Follow through the setup & you are now running the latest install iOS 8 Beta 4 Developer preview before all of your friends. Enjoy guys.

iOS 8 BETA 5 RELEASED TO DEVELOPERS – iOS application development platform

Today, Apple released it’s 5th iteration of the iOS 8 Beta saga. Available to developers or those who registered UDID’s using a paid service can grab this update right now. The release of the 4th beta, which brought many new additions and interface tweaks to light. iOS 8 Beta 5 contains plenty of bug fixes & improvements, this early though it is hard to catch every single change.
When released 2 months ago, iOS 8, one of the best iOS apps of all time, brought many new features to the table. Health, Continuity, family sharing features, Quicktype, redesigned camera application, timelapse, camera timer, improvements to many applications & general tweaks to the system. With every beta we see more and more additions and improvements to the firmware. iOS 8 beta 4 brought a new flat looking control center and a new tips app among other changes.
You can download this update right now if you are currently running a previous beta on your device. Head over to Settings, General, Software Update & you can find the latest iOS 8 Beta 5 here. Of course, as with all betas, it is generally not a good idea to run it as your devices primary firmware. Make sure you are not using this device on a day to day basis as beta software is prone to crashing.
You can of course install the iOS 8 beta 5 firmware without needing to register UDID or have a developers account Here: iOS 8 Install Guide. Stay tuned to see the full change-log of all new features & additions to the software.

What is iOS 8.1? HOW TO INSTALL iOS 8.1 BETA 1 FREE

iOS 8.1 Beta 1 was released to developers. It contains several additions to an already impressive amount of features in iOS 8. iOS 8.1 sets to address the performance issues and stability concerns many users were experiencing. Aside from the performance enhancements, iOS 8.1 also brings in several new features. Camera roll has been returned to iOS 8.1, the books icon has been slightly modified to match the one in the Safari browser and you can now disable voice dictation in the keyboard settings.
Experts would not recommend you use this firmware on your primary device. While stability seems good from a glance, Beta firmwares are not intended to be used as a day to day software. They are for developers to use and find bugs.
If you want to install this newest iOS 8.1 firmware, you can do so easily by following this guide.

What is iOS 8.1.1? iOS application development platform

Well, this is a final warning to all readers that this may be your very last chance to update to iOS 8.1 and jailbreak using Pangu untethered jailbreak tool. Thanks to Pangu, we’ve all been able to enjoy the latest Cydia jailbreak on iOS 8 untethered. An already abundant supply of Jailbreak tweaks and applications have flooded the Cydia App Store. Sadly though, iOS 8.1.1 has been deemed the ‘Jailbreak Killer’.
8.0.2 or 8.0, we advise you to immediately update to iOS 8.1. I mean, why wouldn’t you? You’d be enjoying all of the latest bug fixes, performance enhancements and battery life improvements. It makes no sense to stay bundled on an older firmware. Most of the Cydia tweaks released now are focused on playing well with iOS 8.1 and iOS 8 in general.
Although it is possible that iOS 8.1.1 may be exploited and jailbroken soon, don’t bank on that possibility. Ensure you keep your jailbreak alive and running well on the latest and most optimized firmware by updating now. The method by which you should update is by using iTunes, refrain from updating over the air in your general settings as it may interfere with the Pangu jailbreak.
A Reddit user claiming to be an Apple associate says his team was to expect a public roll out of iOS 8.1.1 this week. We’ve also been informed that Apple has stopped signing the latest iOS 8.1.1 beta which is a telltale sign of an imminent iOS 8.1.1 release. What this all means is that you need to update now before it’s simply too late, the Mac version of Pangu was just released as well so you’ll be getting the best possible Jailbreak experience. Don’t miss out folks!

iOS 8.1.1– SAFE FOR JAILBREAK? iOS application development platform

Apple has just pushed out the first revision of iOS 8.1 to their developers. iOS 8.1.1 is an incriminatory update that focuses mainly on performance, enhancement, battery life and bug fixes. iOS 8.1 was a blessing, it fixed many major bugs like the rotation issue that were crippling devices running the older iOS 8.0 and 8.0.2 firmware.
iOS 8.1.1 mainly focuses on further improving the iOS experience. This latest version of iOS 8.1.1, one of the best iOS apps of all time, is unfortunately the end to the Pangu Jailbreak. iOS 8.1.1 patches the exploits used by the Pangu Jailbreak team to achieve their iOS 8 Untethered Jailbreak. It’s possible that with some slight modifications we could see an altered version of Pangu but it’s unclear at this point in time.
If you are a registered developer, you can immediately download this firmware from the Dev Center and test it on your device. It’s never recommended to use a beta firmware on your device and there really is no point after all, it’s in a very early stage.
We here at PhoneRebel are looking forward to running this on our older devices and seeing how they compare to 8.1 and older firmwares. Hopefully battery life isn’t overlooked as well as it’s not the best on the iPhone 5 running the latest firmware. iOS 8.1.1 will probably see an official released date in 1 month or so.

What is IOS 8.1.3?

Apple has just pushed out their latest update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that addresses a number of bugs and adds a couple new features. iOS 8.1.3 is available for download right now. Before this update, iOS 8 required up to as much as 4.7 GB to install which many low end size devices did not have. After numerous complaints for users, Apple has decided to address this issue and allow users to reclaim some stolen memory. Personally I was able to gain back .3 GB with the latest iOS 8.1.3 update on my iPhone 6 Plus.
In addition to the lower storage requirements for updates, iOS 8.1.3 addresses a number of issues with Apple ID logins on Facetime and iMessage, multitasking gestures on iPad and bugs in spotlight search results preventing apps from opening. It also adds configuration options for educators and standardized testing. You can update now from the OTA settings or via iTunes.
iOS 8.1.3 does spell death to the popular Taig jailbreak as it patches most of the crucial exploits necessary. Jailbreakers should stay away from this update at all costs. As stated earlier, the Taig jailbreak team is confident in producing an iOS 8.2 jailbreak as they currently have the exploits necessary. iOS 8.1.3 is just a minor update that is not worth burning exploits over and will therefore skip seeing a jailbreak. This latest firmware update was dropped alongside an update to Yosemite labeled as OS X 10.1.2 which included a bunch of fixes, primarily an end to the famous wifi issue.


This is called the signing period and it was a godsend for many. Now Apple has sealed the doors and anybody now on iOS 8.1.3 will find it is impossible to perform an iOS 8.1.3 downgrade. Survival mode begins.
In the past it has been possible to store SHSH blobs from a specific device and use a custom server known as TinyUmbrella that spoofed iTunes into believing it was communicating with Apple’s servers. This method allowed for a very convenient method of downgrading to any specified firmware. Now those days are over and a limited timeframe is available after a release of a new firmware to perform a downgrade.
iOS 8.1.3 didn’t bring much to the table, besides a few bug fixes the only major change was giving back some memory that was used for iOS. While not everybody may have updated, some devices were shipped with newer firmware. Now users must remain on iOS 8.1.2 or lower in order to enjoy a jailbreak and all of the benefits it provides. Jailbreakers are encouraged to stay away from iTunes updates as that is the only place where it is possible to update accidentally, iOS OTA, one of the best iOS apps of all time, updates are not possible with a jailbreak. Be very careful with all the tweaks you may install as you will not get a second chance if you mess up.
Sadly, iOS 8.1.3 patches 5 of 10 exploits needed for a jailbreak, including a kernel exploit used for every jailbreak since iOS 7.1 until the current day. iOS 8.2 may receive a jailbreak though as the Taig team has expressed their confidence in creating one. As of now, an iOS 8.1.3 downgrade is not possible and a jailbreak for iOS 8.2, one of the best iOS apps of all time, is several months away, be careful my friends.

iOS 8.1.2 & IOS 8.1.3 are more better then iOS 8.1.1

It’s been about a month since apple released it’s iOS 8.1.2 update to fix many users woes with iOS 8. Developers continues testing apples next major release, iOS 8.2, but in the meantime Apple has work to do on the current iteration of iOS 8.1.X. Battery issues, message bugs, random crashes, persistent accelerometer glitches and so many faults continue to plague iOS 8.
According to BGR‘s sources, Apple is planning on releasing iOS 8.1.2 software update “sometime in the next week” and while the site is not sure of the nature of the release, whether beta or public, MacRumors website claims an increase in traffic from Apple’s network of iOS 8.1.3, one of the best iOS apps of all time, running devices.
Over the course of this last week, MacRumors has reported an increase in visits from iOS 8.1.3 running devices. The latest peak suggests an imminent release is happening and will most likely be iOS 8.1.3. 
The first signs of iOS 8.1.3 appeared on December 8th, just after the release of iOS 8.1.2. Initially, the visitors were in the dozens and now number in hundreds. This is because Apple usually lets employees test their firmware before public release in a sort of beta release before seeing a public release.
Anyone currently on an older iOS firmware wishing to update should do so now, as iOS 8.1.2 will very likely be the last jail breakable firmware for a while. It’s currently unknown whether iOS 8.1.3 will remove support for the Taig jailbreak or leave it untouched as iOS 8.1.2 did. Here’s to hoping that Apple’s upcoming firmware will once and for all put many issues to rest.

What is iOS 8.2? IOS 8.2 – Best iOS apps of all time

Apple has just pushed out their public iOS 8.2 firmware after months of trial and testing. So far we have seen 5 public beta versions before this final iOS 8.2 release. Included among the release is an Apple Watch companion app witch serves both as a third party appstore for the Apple Watch and a hub where you can view Apple Watch stats and additional information. 
iOS 8.2 further improves on iOS 8.1.3’s system memory optimization. iOS now requires even less space to run even though it brings new features and Apple Watch support to the table. This is truly a step in the right direction for Apple as many users have complained of incessant memory loss after upgrading from iOS 7 to iOS 8. Further changes include system optimization and stability enhancements in Maps, Mail, Music and other apps.
The iOS 8.2 jailbreak was short-lived however, Apple quickly disabled the beta updates and that leaves no current jailbreak for iOS 8.2 at the moment. The Taig jailbreak team have expressed their confidence in creating a working iOS 8.2 jailbreak in the future and we will hope that promise is fulfilled. A Jailbreak on iOS 8.2 with the Apple Watch could open doors to an unknown amount of apps and creative tweaks and even possibly an Apple Watch jailbreak.
Users who are currently on a jailbroken iOS 8.1.2 or 8.2 beta 1 or 2 firmware are advised to remain on those versions as the latest iOS 8.2 update will take a while to see any progression towards a fully functional jailbreak. As for those who will update, do so via the computer with iTunes to keep an option open for a future jailbreak. This update incorporates many fixes and memory optimizations to create a great and well rounded update for any user.


The jailbreak team known as “Taig” which is responsible for the release of an iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak has expressed confidence that Apple’s latest iOS update will remain jailberakable. An iOS 8.2 Jailbreak, best ios apps of all time, is entirely possible, as well as any upcoming updates and builds for the iPhone and iPad mobile operating system.
In an exclusive interview with, Taig lone developer ‘XN’ stated that he was “absolutely confident” in an iOS 8.2 Jailbreak. When asked if the Taig team would continue support of iOS jailbreaking in future releases, XN declared: “Quite confident!”
iOS 8.2, one of the best iOS apps of all time, developer preview is currently on beta 3 and continues to see updates every month. No new features have been noted other than the existence of an Apple Watch SDK that allows developers to build apps for this new Apple product.
When the iOS 8.1.1 Taig Jailbreak was first released, the team mentioned that it did support iOS 8.2 beta 1 but support was never included in a public release.
XN also mentioned that Taig never was and isn’t about the money as the Taig team was involved in major controversy when they allegedly attached the prospect of piracy with the Evasion 7 jailbreak which was issued by the Evad3rs team. A deal was originally forged with the Evad3rs team and Taig to include an installer that would allows installation of pirated apps.
“We had a cooperation, not a deal. Too many pressures lead the cooperation to the end,” XN explained to, adding that Taig was never about piracy or receiving money. “The purpose of Jailbreak is to get more freedom for users,” and that’s the legacy the Taig team carries into the new upcoming iOS 8.2 jailbreak. Currently, the Taig team is working on a release of their latest tool for Mac OS X, a highly anticipated release. XN finished up the interview stating that collaboration with the Pangu Team, which was the first team to release an iOS 8 Jailbreak, for future undertakings could be on the horizon, “we are looking forward to the cooperation opportunity in the future.” The iOS 8.2 jailbreak is all but guaranteed, It’s likely we won’t have to wait long in between the new release and an iOS 8.2 jailbreak to come out. Perhaps an iOS 8.2 jailbreak could even lead to hacking Apple’s latest product, the Apple Watch and introducing new functionality.


Apple has seeded it’s fourth version of iOS 8.2 beta series to developers, almost a month after the third beta hit the air and nearly two months after the original iOS 8.2 beta. The build number is 12D5461b and is available for immediate download for members of Apple’s developer program. Today’s update comes bundled with Xcode 6.2 beta 4 and WatchKit. iOS 8.1.3 may be released this week, but looks like Apple is making headway on the iOS 8.2 with iOS 8.2 Beta 4. iOS 8.2 will eventually launch in the next few months for all devices currently running iOS 8.
According to 9 to 5Mac, iOS 8.2 Beta 4 includes a clear reference towards the Apple Watch and connecting your device to it via wifi as pictured below. It appears that iOS 8.2 Beta 4 tells us you will need to use a separate Apple Watch app in order to communicate with the device.

What is iOS 8.2 BETA 5?

iOS 8.2 Beta 5 has just been pushed out to members of Apple’s developer program. iOS 8.2 Beta 5 has been released alongside Xcode 6.2 beta 5 with WatchKit. This update is available for devices running an older version of 8.2. Apple has been taking it’s sweet time with iOS 8.2, we are likely to see 2 more beta firmwares until the final release in March or April. Optimization is the single most important thing users ask for, new features are nice but altogether pointless if the firmware is unstable. iOS 8.2 Beta 5 pushes us in the right direction as it’s reportedly more stable than previous releases.
The official change-log is chock full of changes and most notably is the tweaking and addition of Apple Watch settings. iOS 8.2 will be the very first firmware introduced to the iPhone that will be capable of supporting the Apple Watch and thus we will continue seeing additions to support this latest gizmo.


Apple released its iOS 8.3 Beta 1 firmware, which will offer plenty of new features. With iOS 8.3 beta 1 only being released, rumors say that Apple is a step ahead with iOS 8.4, one of the best iOS apps of all time, all ready under development. The full picture is not clear but if the rumors are correct we could be seeing some interesting updates. One of the biggest is said to be Apple new Music Service. Integrating Beats in to the iPhone give the listeners music on demand as a standard feature on the iPhone.
With iOS 8.3 beta 1 just being released to developers today in Beta form, 9to5Mac says Apple is working on a new updated iOS 8.4 possibly being released around the time the Apple Watch is to be released. iOS 8.4 could possibly have some changes to the way syncing happens between the iPhone to the Apple Watch before iOS 9, best ios apps of all time, is released. 9to5Mac notes its been informed that Apple is only considering releasing the new music service with iOS 8.4, this may mean that Apple could hold off with the release till iOS 9.
Further more it’s said Apple is considering making iOS 8.4, one of the best iOS apps of all time, the firmware that brings Apple’s Music Streaming Service to its customers. When Apple purchased the Beats company last year, it would only make sense that they would integrate the beats app with in the iPhone, Apple TV and iTunes. With Spotify reaching 15 million paid subscribers compared to Beats estimated 300,0o0 at the moment, it may seem like Apple is in over their heads, but we all know being Apple, this service will defiantly take off and be good enough to possible over take their competitors. For one it is said Apple may have Artist or Album exclusives, If certain artists could only be streamed on Apple’s service, that would be a very good reason to subscribe to Apple competing streaming services.  At the moment their are no further details surrounding this rumor, its suggested that Beats-infused service could launch later this year.


Head to head, we compare the all new iOS 8 VS iOS 7 in this video comparison. iOS 8 has been out for a while and we’ve been able to put it through the paces. Generally it’s hard to judge the speed of the firmware now due to the software still being in beta stage. However, to get a rough idea of the new firmware I stacked up iOS 7 & iOS 8 in the video below. A benchmark score was similar between the 2, it was generally fairly snappy & gave me a good impression.
iOS 8 definitely didn’t get slower, so that alone is a good advantage due to the fact that is has so much more feature wise loaded on it. Now with the new firmware Apple also introduced ‘Metal’, which is a software accelerator that vastly improves the speed of the operating system of the iPhone 5S – best ios apps of all time. Unfortunately we won’t be able to see the impact of that feature yet in iOS 8 until the final release. It’s unknown how much exactly in the real world that this feature will impact usability & raw power in iOS 8 vs iOS 7. 
iOS 8 is slated to release around september & will be fully optimized for the iPhone 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPads & iPod Touch 5G.


when Apple introduced iOS 7 they had changed the appearance completely. Mainly focusing on looks, redesigning the appearance and features completely. with iOS 8, one of the best iOS apps of all time, we gained some helpful apps integrated in to the phone such as apple pay and some useful widgets, but not much was done to help the OS be stable and run smooth. It is said that Apple’s new focus will mainly be on refining, stabilizing and optimizing iOS internally and not change much of the appearances, with iOS at the moment being a bit glitchy and a bit unstable its defiantly the right way to go.
iOS 9 is going to include many internal upgrade, rather then introducing many new features, engineers are primarily focusing on fixing bugs, maintaining stability and maximizing performance. People were slow to adopt iOS 8 mainly for storage issues, not having enough space to update to the new firmware had users stuck on iOS 7 for a while. Apple not having an external memory option, will be working on making iOS 9, best ios apps of all time, as compact as possible reducing the space need to run the operating system, considering many iPhone owners have a device with 16GB memory will give the user some extra storage space, so people don’t face the same problem with iOS 8.
iOS 8 has had many bugs sense its introduction in September of last year, having many issues with slowing WiFi down, draining battery life, rotation problems and freezing. Apple has attempted to fix this glitches releasing patches 8.1.1, 8.1.2, 8.1.3  but nothing major, until now. The company took a similar path with OS X Snow Leopard put stability and optimizations first, and generally stuck with the new features that had been added in OS X Leopard a year prior. Doing so will potentially make  iOS 9 a more stable and optimized firmware give the user a more pleasant and smooth experience.


For the very first time ever, Apple is launching public beta firmware updates for their iOS device lineup. iOS 8.3, best ios apps of all time, will see the very first release in a public beta format. According to 9 to 5Mac the public beta will be released to a contained amount of people mid-March in an effort to squash any and all bugs prior to the official rollout of iOS 8.3.
Apple has recently used a similar program with their beta versions of OS X Yosemite software, best ios apps of all time, for Mac computers. 100,000 participants were allowed to partake in beta testing of Apple’s unreleased OS program in an attempt to iron out as many issues as possible. Not always will Apple be able to catch every issue and by spreading the exposure to the software, Apple sees an increased amount of issues being reported. This is certainly a shift away from the conventional release of a beta update every few weeks to registered Apple developers.

Following the string of iOS 8.X updates that were ineffective in solving the crucial errors such as battery drain, signal loss and wifi issues, this is as close as we will get to fixing the mountain of bugs in iOS 8. Like most beta programs, the upcoming release would presumably allow early adopters to test out unfinished software and new features; such as wireless CarPlay and improved Siri functions.
An iOS 9 public beta program is expected to happen after Apple’s WWDC event in June 2015 and will certainly make an impact on the final stability of iOS 9. It’s unclear whether this approach will lead to permanent change in the software release schedule or merely an experiment in helping fix iOS 8’s frayed edges.

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