Top 140 Best Jailbreak Tweaks iOS 8, 8.2 ,8.1.2 TAIG & PANGU


Amongst all the excitement surrounding iOS 8.2, 8.1.2 TAIG, Samsung Galaxy S6 and other recent events, developers have been working hard to create new best jailbreak tweaks ios 8. Help me help you enhance your device with awesome and functional tweaks, watch for the updated tweaks available. iOS 8.1.3 cannot be jailbroken so make sure to stay put on your current firmware if you wish to remain jailbroken. Now lets get to some awesome Cydia tweaks!

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Tweak 1. Atom, one of the best jailbreak tweaks iOS 8

One of the few Cydia Tweaks revived from the dead, first available in iOS 5, Atom is one of the all time greatest Cydia tweaks. A simple yet effective app shortcut tweak which is very well made and looks great. BerryC8 is another great free alternative.

Tweak 2. ClassicLockScreen, one of the best jailbreak tweaks iOS 8.

Relive the nostalgia of older days on iOS 6. Bring back the classic lockscreen we were all familiar with up until iOS 7. Some bugs hinder the greatness of this tweak but will be fixed soon.

Tweak 3. MorningApp.

Set a custom app to be launched immediately after waking up every morning. Perfect for those who open a certain app every time they wake up such as Reddit for me.

Tweak 4. Snapi.

Very similar to Phantom for SnapChat but much more refined. Read snaps privately and prevent them from expiring, upload and send photos to story or others.

Tweak 5. Instagram ++, one of the best jailbreak tweaks iOS 8

From the creators of Facebook ++, this Instagram variant allows you to save videos and photos or copy them to your clipboard, enable a full screen view and many other neat features.

Tweak 6. DathBanners.

Bring some color to your notifications and notification view. Every notification now matches the color of the app it belongs too, makes for a pretty effect.

Tweak 7. Return.

Combines the app switcher and control center together. Also has a view for recently opened apps and adds a beautiful curve effect to the corners.

Tweak 8. PhotoTorch, one of the best jailbreak tweaks iOS 8

Change the intensity of the flash during video recording or photo recording.

Tweak 9. SwitcherFX.

Add a blur effect to the app cards inside of the app switcher when multitasking to prevent any creeping eyes from seeing private data.

Tweak 10. StatusBarWeather8.

Really cool tweak that adds a mini weather icon to the status bar which is very handy for telling weather without opening the weather app every time.

Tweak 11. AutoRotateVids.

All videos immediately play in landscape from any application. It can be very annoying to remove rotation lock to watch a video in landscape every time and this tweak takes care of that issue.

Tweak 12. Pasithea.

Locate your entire pasting history in one place.

Tweak 13. Ah! Ah! Ah!.

A funny lockscreen prank that activates when an incorrect password is entered. Comes with a Jurassic Park theme but can be set to any video and wallpaper.

Tweak 14. SimpleCenters.

Remove any unnecessary elements from your notification or control centers. Can be used to create a very minimalistic and clean look.

Tweak 15. WidgetCenter. 

Choose from a number of well made widgets for the Reachability view. Additional widgets can be downloaded from Cydia.

Tweak 16. CustomCover.

Add themes to your music artwork on your lockscreen. Looks really cool and very well made.


Tweak 17. StickerMe.

Import the Facebook Messenger stickers into the stock iOS application.


Tweak 18. Stratos, one of the best jailbreak tweaks iOS 8

Currently in Beta but a free Auxo 3 replacement. Completely replaces the app switcher and control center with a very well though out setup.

Custom Source Needed this:

Tweak 19. GrabberApp8.

 A very simple tweak that allows you to replace the camera grabber with any app of choice and even add a second one on the left.


Tweak 20. Rendarya8. 

Very extensive photo editing made into the photo application. Mark up any photos, add text, lots of editing effects and more all from within the photo application.


Tweak 21. QR Mode.

A built in QR scanner from within the camera application. No need to use a separate application anymore.


Tweak 22. Aoraki.

An extremely useful tweak. From simple system toggles to sharing music and files, many uses to be found. A godsend of all Cydia tweaks.


Tweak 23. Atom.

Just released and very buggy but a direct replacement for Jellylock successor (BerryC8) that allows you to set up to 6 toggles on your lockscreen for fast access to from the lockscreen.


Tweak 24. vWallpaper2. 

Add custom videos to your lockscreen or home screen backgrounds. Warning, may cause excessive battery drain.


Tweak 25. BerryC8.

The jellylock 7 replacement for iOS 8. Bring toggles to the lockscreen for applications that can quickly be launched and accessed using a beautiful interface all from the lockscreen.


Tweak 26. DathMessages.


Tweak 27. KeyboardVibrate8.

Bring haptic feedback to iOS 8, a feature long missing. Very responsive and feels right at home in iOS 8.

Tweak 28. PhotoTimeStamp. 

Add more options for timestamps on iOS 8. Configure where they are positioned and how they look.


Tweak 29. Instalauncher.

Quickly jump back and forth from apps using this tweak. Set an activator gesture to open a menu where you can quickly and easily access all of your applications.


Tweak 30. EqualizerEverywhere.

For the musically inclined, access an equalizer anywhere directly from control center.


Tweak 31. Faded.

Make music fade in and out instead of abruptly being cut off when pausing or switching between tracks.


Tweak 32. AppLocker.

Bring security to individual applications by locking selected ones with a password. Like BioProtect but without the need for a TouchID sensor.


Tweak 33. Centrum.

The notification center ported directly from OS X. Swipe left from the edge of your display to activate notifications.


Tweak 34. Alarmy.

Displays your next currently set alarm on the lockscreen next to your date.

Requires a custom source:


Tweak 35. ReStats.

Reset cellular usage statistics on a certain day every month. Very useful for keeping track of monthly data usage on a set plan.


Tweak 36. PhotoRes.

Set custom photo resolutions and aspect ratios from settings. A free alternative to CameraTweak 3.


Tweak 37. Locus, one of the best jailbreak tweaks iOS 8

Save battery life by only enabling use of location services for certain applications while actively using them. Prevents battery drain in the background.


Tweak 38. Battery Life.

This is not one of the Cydia tweaks but is an app that gives you every detail about your battery, cycles, temperature and helps you extend its life.


Tweak 39. DetailedBatteryUsage.

Give your battery usage section in settings more power. More details about battery drainage and a really nice graph too.


Tweak 40. NoSlowAnimations.

Speed up your device by making system animations faster or removing them altogether.


Tweak 41. CacheClearer.

Custom source needed:

Tweak 42. NoTracking+.

Prevent your social media applications from tracking your usage patterns, location and more with this tweak.

Tweak 43. NoLiveClock.

Save some CPU drainage from happening by disabling the live clock on your homescreen. Instead it will be refreshed when closing apps.


Tweak 44. PasswordPilot.

Auto enter your appstore password in every time you download an app, really saves you time on the hassle. Potentially dangerous if you share your device, be warned!


Tweak 45. Check.

Select multiple emails for deletion or moving at once.


Tweak 46. TweetAmplius.

Send tweets that are over 140 characters long.


Tweak 47. Vine ++.

Save vine videos directly to your camera roll and disable autoplay!


Tweak 48. Download Enable For ProTube 2.

Bring back the feature taken away in its latest update. Save videos locally for watching later.


Tweak 49. YoutubeToMp3.

Convert YouTube videos directly to MP3 format and then rename, add artwork and import into your music application.


Tweak 50. BDaySpotify.

Supercharge your Spotify application. No ads, unlimited skips and scrubbing!

Source Needed:


Tweak 51. LastApp.

Set an activator gesture to open up the last app you were using for ultra fast multitasking.


Tweak 52. PM, really?

Asks you every time you set an alarm to PM if that’s what you really wanted. I could see this being really useful.


Tweak 53. OopsLock.

Lets you get right back into your device where you were if you lock your device and suddenly have a change of heart and need to do something else. Set the timeframe for this function and is activated by pressing the home button after locking.


Tweak 54. Almpoum.

More options when taking screenshots. Save to device, copy or send to someone.

Tweak 55. ShowCase.

Lower case letters will now appear lowercase on your keyboard, upper case will appear upper case.


Tweak 56. TypeStatus.

Get a preview of when someone is typing an iMessage to you.


Tweak 57. SwitcherDND.

Automatically enables ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode when putting your device into sleep mode. One of those Cydia tweaks that is just a given.


Tweak 58. NoBarScreen.

Take screenshots without your status bar interrupting the view.


Tweak 59. SwipeSelection.

Move the cursor when editing text without the hassle of using your finger.


Tweak 60. SwipeShiftCaret.

Swipe through one character of text quickly by sliding in the direction you want to go on the text.


Tweak 61. Bloard.

Enable a dark looking keyboard system wide.


Tweak 62. BytaFont 2.

Change system font. Huge selection of fonts.


Tweak 63. NoAppStoreRedirect.

Prompts you when a site is about to redirect you to the appstore.


Tweak 64. iconOmatic.

Brings back the shadows and depth to icons from iOS 6. Looks really neat on iOS 8.


Tweak 65. IconRenamer.

Rename applications to whatever you damn please.


Tweak 66. iBlank.

Creates a blank application that can then be used to create awesome looking home-screen layouts.


Tweak 67. MultiIconMover.

Select multiple icons to move at once on your springboard instead of doing it one by one.


Tweak 68. Boover.

Customize app badge size, roundness, and location on the app.


Tweak 69. BlurryBadges.

Matches the color of the app badge to the color of the app it belongs to. Makes for a really neat looking effect.


Tweak 70. Lock Screen Text.

Alter the text that appears on your lockscreen and remove the camera grabber for a cleaner look.


Tweak 71. 20 Second Lockscreen.

Prolong your lockscreen to stay awake for 20 seconds. Useful if you like to read notifications from the lockscren.


Tweak 72. Cydget.

A tool for installing hunders of lockscreen widgets on your device. The one I used was rising bars Cydget.


Tweak 73. PriorityHub.

A notification manager for your lockscreen. Groups apps into different notification sections.


Tweak 74. TimePasscode.

Set the current time as your password.


Tweak 75. PreferenceOrganizer 2.

Categorize your settings app. Neatly place apps into their dedicated sections.


Tweak 76. ForceGoodFit. 

Not all apps have been optimized for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus display. ForcegoodFit optimizes all of those apps and does a really good job at it.


Tweak 77. QuickSiri.

Set activator gestures for certain phrases for siri. Such as set a gesture to quickly look up a song without needing to ask.


Tweak 78. SpotlightSiri.

Type ‘siri’ before any question or phrase inside of spotlight to activate siri without needing to talk.


Tweak 79. CellularUsageOrder.

Organizes your cellular usage data applications by their numbers, before it was completely random.


Tweak 80. StatusVol 2.

Neatly brings down a little banner with your volume when you change it. Unobtrusive volume pane.


Tweak 81. HUDSpeed.

If you prefer the stock look of the volume changer but what it to be faster, HUDSpeed helps you do that.


Tweak 82. Tintch.

Set the color for toggles and switches in iOS 8. Can set on position color and off position.


Tweak 83. Spectral.

Blends the backlog


Tweak 84. NoteCreator.

Set an activator gesture to quickly bring up a notepad anywhere anytime for quick note taking.


Tweak 85. CheeseCake.

Androids fade animation ported to iOS 8, seems to fit nicely.


Tweak 86. RoundDock.

Add curves to your dock for a more modern look.


Tweak 87. FullFolder.

The ultimate of all Cydia tweaks for customizing your folders. enable as many grids and rows as you want and full page folders.


Tweak 88. TinyBar.

Shrinks your notification bar to your desired spec and looks really clean.


Tweak 89. CCSettings.

Like Polus, CCSettings allows you to customize the toggles inside of your control center.


Tweak 90. CCBackground.

Set backgrounds to your control center interface, actually looks pretty dang neat!


Tweak 91. Flurry.

A beautiful overlay for iOS 8. Adjust the blur effect to your liking. Very extensive, can be seen in nearly all aspects of iOS 8.

Tweak 92. SpotLock.

Swipe right on your homescreen to lock your device without using the power button.


Tweak 93. Sicarius.

Adds animation to your app switcher and slide up on the homescreen to remove all apps from the app switcher.


Tweak 94. GridSwitcher.

Replace the look of your appswitcher with grids that can be set from 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4.


Tweak 95. ScreenPainter.

When taking a screenshot, this tweak allows you to paint on the screen and then either send or save.


Tweak 96. FileBrowser.

A free and fully capable replacement to iFile.


Tweak 97. Pandora Essentials.

A complete supercharger for Pandora, no ads, skip infinitely and scrub music.


Tweak 98. SaveGram.

Save images in Instagram directly to your device.


Tweak 99. Call Connect.

Your device will vibrate every time it connects to the other line.


Tweak 100. ReachAll.

Brings reachability to all older devices.


Tweak 101. Browser Changer. 

Set default browsers.


Tweak 102. SafariRefresh.

Pull down in safari to refresh the page you are on.


Tweak 103. TouchID Everywhere.

Use TouchID to input email and password logins anywhere. Saves so much time and is very useful. Still in beta, more of a concept.


Tweak 104. SphereView.

Change the layout of iOS 8 into a sphere. Visuals are impressive and animations are fluid. Similar in a way to Aeternum, definitely unique.


Tweak 105. Tintch.

Set the color for toggles and switches in iOS 8. Can set on position color and off position.


Tweak 106. NCBrowser.

A fully fledged browser in your notification center. Mostly for quickly browsing on your lockscreen.


Tweak 107. CacheClearer.


Tweak 108. CameraModes. 

Set individual camera features you need or don’t need inside of the camera application, rearrange them, helps you keep it tidy.


Tweak 109. SpotlightGoogle.

Search in spotlight and click enter to launch a google search in safari on your topic.


Tweak 110. BannerBuddy.

When you get a notification, enable reachability and the notification will lower so you can grab and reply to it while holding your device with one hand.


Tweak 111. CustomClock.

Modify the miniature clock icon on your home-screen. From color length to type of clock arms.


Tweak 112. OneTapClear.

Clear all of your notifications in one tap!


Tweak 113. ReachWeather.

Similar to the first, ReachWeather is a Cydia tweak that fills the Reachability void with useful information. Slide between panes of information such as weather, time and forecast.


Tweak 114. Wake Info 2. 

Wake up with useful information, Wake Info 2 will read you things such as the date, time, notifications, battery percentage and more. These things read to you can be modified in the Cydia tweaks settings.


Tweak 115. AppBox.

Shortcuts to selected apps from the lockscreen, just slide to the right instead of t0 the left. Lots of customization on this one.


Tweak 116. Folder Icons.

Create photo overlays for folders on your device. Very beautiful tweak.


Tweak 117. ScrubAround.

Replaces the dash scrubber to a round one in the control center to match the other icons on screen brightness and volume.


Tweak 118. Custom Messages 2.0.

Change the color of all aspects of your messages app. Makes for some creative combinations and a refreshing look.


Tweak 119. Simpler Photos.

Simplify your photos application, remove unnecessary categories and reduce clutter.


Tweak 120. Double Cut.

Double tap the ‘@’ button to automatically input your email address. Saves time and is pretty useful.


Tweak 121. DockColor.

Simply put, change the color of your dock to what you like.


Tweak 122. Rubik.

Locks your device into using 2G in the background when connected to WiFi. Saves battery life as your device is still connected in the background to a 3G network.


Tweak 123. Anchor.

Rearrange the app icons on the springboard to any position you desire, page layouts can look gorgeous with the right app positions. Like iBlank or Gridlock but simpler.


Tweak 124. Harbor.

Bring customization to the dock. Add as many apps as you desire and open them using a Mac OS X like animation. Looks right at home on the iOS dock.


Tweak 125. TapTapFlip.

Double tap inside the camera application to switch to the front facing camera or vice versa.


Tweak 126. Canopy.

Make using safari easier with Canopy. Some features include hold the window button to open a new window. Hold the done button in the window switcher to close all windows. Adds a ‘Paste’ and ‘Past and go’ option in the search bar. The settings are configurable.


Tweak 127. AppButton.

A neat quick multitasking tweak. King of all multitasking Cydia tweaks. AppButton adds a moveable translucent button that when held and slid will show you your most needed apps you can quickly switch to from within any other app or homescreen.


Tweak 128. CleanLock.

Keeps your lockscreen looking clean as all notifications are neatly tucked away until needed. Just tap on the edge of the right side of the screen to open the notification view on the lockscreen.


Tweak 129. CCScale.

Configure the size of the buttons inside of the control center.


Tweak 130. Pushability.

Turn Reachability upside down! Particularly useful for Cydia tweaks, Pushability gives you control over the positioning of the reachability tweaks.

Tweak 131. Classic Badges.

Bring back the iOS 6 look of app notifications to your device.


Tweak 132. LockHTML3 & Stripe.

You will need to install both of these packages, no extra sources are necessary. Also in the settings, make sure to disable the original clock and date. Then enable stripe in the widgets pane and modify the position on the lockscreen by holding the icon until it shakes.


Tweak 133. CCHide.

Manipulate how much info and icons the control center holds and displays. You can choose to display the music and airplay settings only when in use.


Tweak 134. CSwitcher.

Relocate the multitasking panes to the control center. Plays well with CCHide.


Tweak 135. Icon Renamer.

Simply rename applications directly from the springboard.


Tweak 136. Eclipse 2.

A very extensive tweak, puts your device into a full night mode.


Tweak 137. NevaGonnaBuy.

Removes the buy & price icons from your music bar and music application.


Tweak 138. NoAnnoyances.

Prevents your device from ever displaying annoying notifications. You can choose which to filter and which to keep.


Tweak 139. LittleBrother.

Allows you to tweak the homescreen icon sizes and enable orientation on non supported devices.


Tweak 140. Power Tap.

When you hold the power button and get the drop down menu to shut down your device, you can now tap the power icon and use new functionality. One tap is to reboot your device, two is to respring. Very useful tweak to have if you will be installing many iOS 8 tweaks or applications as not many of them are updated to support iOS 8 and need to be resprung for any change to take effect.


Bonus Tweaks


Tweak 141. Live Battery Indicator iOS 7.

Very similar to the iOS 8 Tweaks “Alkaline”. Many different choices to alter your stock iOS 8 battery indicator.


Tweak 142. Cylinder.

A really cool iOS 8 Tweaks, allows you to change the swipe animation on your iPhone. Many more choices to choose from than the similar iOS 8 tweak known as “Barrel”


Tweak 143. BytaFont 2.

Change system font. Huge selection of fonts.


Tweak 144. Flurry.

Changes the look and transparency of the notifications center, command center and many other areas of iOS 8.


Tweak 145. DockShift.

Alter the look of your dock, remove it entirely, change the size.


Tweak 146. SaveGram.

Save full size instragram photos to your iOS 8 Device.


Tweak 147. ICleaner.

Free up used space on your device that is left over from old apps and unused data.


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