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Today I am going to introduce some of the best mobile phone games which are renowned enough in all over the world and they are being played easily on androids and that’s why you will not face any sort of problem to sit in front of computer as well as laptop you can easily play them by keeping them in your hand. Anyways below are those top apps playoff which are best among all.

Clash of Kings:

Clash of kings, best mobile phone games, is most prominent as well as being played by majority of people, while playing it you will get abuse by high graphics as well as by scenery which has been used in it. In the best games to play online is quite familiar to age of kings as well as age of empire as you have to produce food as well as stone wood and gold in order to make your army strong and in order to enhance your defense, moreover you have to increase the levels to unblock buildings and other things, more the levels enhanced more will be your defense strong, the fabulous fact about it is that while playing it you will realize that you are doing the same in realistic life. Anyways one thing should be in your consideration that to make your army strong by enhancing levels and by fulfilling the requirement as it might be lucrative for you because it will reduce the attacks of enemies who are willing to destroy your kingdom and if your army would be in large quantity you will never get defeated from someone .In this game you can snatch food and other items from your rivals by attacking on their zone. Nevertheless play it and get amuse through numerous of feature which has been included inside it.

Jungle Run:

This is another one of the best mobile phone games playoff which is one of the best app pass time in which you have to control a man instead of a machine. Yes you have to make secure a man from many hurdles as well as other obstacles which he faces in his way while running and you have to collect or gather several of coins. More the coins more will be your reputation increase and you will able to unlock other missions as well as other player and could able to purchase other features in the best games to play online as this is basic thing to gather coins and the secondary  thing is to collect artifacts. 

Doctor Parking:

This is neither racing nor action the genre of this pass time is quite different from other as you have to park a car in such a way that there would not be any violation of traffic rules as you have to follow rules and regulations of traffic to park a car, you have to use left indicator while moving left and vice versa and you have to stop a car in red signal otherwise you would be punish by traffic warden. In this best mobile phone games are many missions and levels as well and you have to make coins and points while playing it.
Playing playoffs like car games online for boys on computers as well as on laptops are common as every person is playing them in extra time

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