Best portable printers review | Desktop printers and Portable printers

Best portable printers review: Technologies used for printing range from those that resemble typewriters to those that resemble photocopying machines. An important question you need to ask yourself in this era of mobility is: Will a desktop printer be sufficient, or will you need a printer that is portable?
Desktop printers: Many people, perhaps including most students, find portable computers useful but have no need for a portable printer. You can do your writing or computing wherever you can tote your portable PC, then print out documents back at your regular desk. The advantage of desktop printers is that there is a wide range in quality and price available.

Portable printers: Portable printers are of two types: those that plug into an AC electrical outlet and those that run on batteries. Built-in batteries (as in Canon’s Bubble Jet 10ex) last for perhaps 25-30 pages. Unless they the one that plugs into the wall to be sufficient. 

As you might expect, most portable printers have some limitations. Depending on the type, you may need to pack along extra printer ribbons or ink-jet cartridges. Many require that you feed the paper in laboriously one sheet at a time if you don’t want to haul around a bulky multiple-sheet feeder. An important exception is the Hewleet-Packard Deskjet Portable Printer, which includes a sheet feeder that does not take up excess space.

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