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best sleep mask

We(XO-FIT) offer you the best sleep mask package that has 2 sleep masks with 2 ear plugs that can enable anyone to enjoy a very sound sleep. We do think about your complete comfort by providing sleeping treatment not only for your eyes but also for your hearing portion at night. This can immediately turn your average sleep into an enjoyable moment. The rage of insomnia and harsh sunlight will be completely inactive after once you buy this heaven like package. Our main specialty is that we have 3d memory foam for you in our sleep mask. This 3d foam just made this mask lighter, and more enjoyable.

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How are we so sure? Because you can open your eyes and breathe without having any trouble while you are wearing masks. This is indeed very much relaxing. It has so highly standard material that we will feel no weight when we are wearing the mask. This is work friendly because it will not destroy your fabulous make up so you can also wear it in office or working places.

This is not only the best eye mask but it can be called the little boomer of your day. We all know that incomplete sleeping helps everyone to be less productive, bad tempered and easily stressed when doing any important work. We are very much concerned not only with your sleeping at night but also the aftermath of not having a proper sleep. So, we truly recommend this as the best eye mask for sleeping.

The reasons behind becoming the best sleep eye mask

Our masks are very much cautiously designed from soft but durable memory foam that can take your sleep to a new level by reducing the unnecessary problems that is hampering your night time. This best under eye mask is extremely light weight that is can be barely felt when you are wearing this mask. The high fibered ingredients will definitely embrace your eyes and make them feel more relaxed when you are wearing our best product package.

PURE Perfection

The best sleep mask for side sleepers gives you the permission to avoid the adjusting habit of the consumers. We will provide you the cherishing moment that you have always been wishing to have when you are sleeping. This will not temple eyes or noses and can be used very much ease. We have successfully ended the era of tangling hair and tight mask by providing a super qualified mask.  Now that is indeed pure perfection.


Our XO fit mask is definitely a multifunctional mask because of its various uses as it can satisfy our various requirements. It is not only used for sleeping because it can be highly effective to take a simple a nap or doing a peaceful yoga session. This is highly advantageous for those who have night shifts in work and generally sleep till noon. This is also a medical expert mask because in can be truly helping tools for those who are suffering from insomnia. It is also the best eye mask for travel when you are travelling either by bus, train or by air. Our main theme for those travelers is “take a nap and be refreshed”

Best eye cover for sleeping with earplugs

Our breathable mask is so much diversified that we deliver them in different shapes and different color so to adjust them or make it more practical for all ages. Their appearance with different colors makes it even more interesting choice to buy. The 2 sets of earplugs are very much responsible for blocking all types of noise that can hamper your sleeping peace. It also comes with a compact sized pouch that makes it easier to carry it when travelling.

Lifetime commitment

Since this best eye shades we deliver have lifetime guarantee policy so we ensure the service quality of our product and promise to be with you if you have any type of issues using it.

Best travel eye mask

As it is very less weighty, soft and more comfortable to use, it is considered the best sleep mask for travel. This also has a hook and loop closure that will adjust the mask with the user body structure. It is actually great because you can seriously open your eyes when wearing as it is not that tight on user eyes. The adjusting system enables anyone to use it more efficiently. The drawstring system of the mask makes it even more convenient to adjust the mask with the sunlight.

The best cooling eye mask

The Velcro strap makes it a perfect fit and the contoured keep the eyes in the perfect place to help the customer to enjoy a deep sleep. The overprotective habit of this mask to keep away the eyes of the users from the brutal sunrise or some wanted sunlight during sleep. This best night eye mask is really a overall successful mask for considering it as the best rated sleep mask. The contoured eye pocket is very silky and it leaves a nice effect on the skin. As it has a very hi-tech Velcro strap that makes it super cool and adjustable. It also has permits you to enjoy a sleep without fighting with your masks for the tangling hair as there will be no tangling. The adjustable carrying pouch with the mask officially just made it the best eye mask for air travel.

The top rated mask of the market

The overall quality of the mask including soft standard material, 3D foam with Velcro strap which we call the light adjusting system is really so hard to find altogether. This also comes with a very reasonable price which promotes it as the best eye mask and best blindfold for sleeping. This sleeping mask is so much smashing mask in the market because no other mask is available with these distinct and lucrative features effect. This is the mask which should be called the best lucid dreaming mask. Our lifetime guarantee makes it the wonder mask as it will not have a little bit of expectation and performance differences.

LASTWORDS: Now the time has come to take some serious decisions about this product. Our full disclosure attitude towards our product biography, customer review, customer decisions and the all 24/lifetime commitment service will definitely prove that this XO fit is the only mask which is really worthy of considering the best eye mask sleep. And we are very glad to ensure you that it is be the mask that you were wanting for a long time. So pick our best eye shades for sleeping and be a grand sleeper of the history.


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