Verizon hav began throttling the best unlimited 4g lTE data plan

The greatest thing Verizon had going for it, throttling the best unlimited 4g lTE data plan is now the norm. Still Grandfathered in your Verizon the best unlimited 4g LTE data plan?  Verizon has decided that’s not good anymore & has begun throttling the best unlimited 4g lTE data plan for customer. This is a move in their master scheme of “network optimization”. It’s honestly a surprise that it took them so long to do it, seeing how major carriers have been using this cheat for quite some time. October 1st marks the date for LTE throttling to begin should you meet the criteria.

Around 22% of their current customers have refused to upgrade to tiered data plans, I mean it makes sense, why would they? The limited data plans end up costing tons to the data hungry consumer compared to an unlimited data plan user. Verizon has even refused to honor the Grandfathered data plan when upgrading to a new contract in an attempt to make people lose it for a cheaper price on a new phone. All in all, their efforts weren’t enough as a huge share of their customers remained adamant in keeping the legendary plan.
This concept of tethering speeds isn’t anything new, it just never affected people using 4G LTE speeds. Apple has been tethering their 3G data starting all the way back in September 2011.
The terms are mostly focused on the high end data crunchers who make up the top 5% of all Verizon data users. In order fort you to meet the criteria and see a decrease in speed you’d have to meet the following criteria.
Be using a 4G or LTE Smartphone partnered with the unlimited data plan. Your current data needs place you into the top 5% of all Verizon users. As of March, hitting 4.7 GB or going over that would put you into this bracket. This number is sure to fluctuate as tethering goes into play.
You’re paying month to month, not on a current contract. As mentioned earlier, Verizon had several incentives to help you drop the plan thus making it near impossible to upgrade your contract and keep the plan. Many customers did find loopholes and manage to keep the contract & unlimited data, these people would not be affected.
Should you see yourself in all 3 areas, you will be subject to the new throttling the best unlimited 4g lTE data plan. Youtube, video streaming, page loading will all be affected & you’ll notice a very different web experience. Now the interesting factor that also comes into play is the area you are in affects all 3 of the above criteria. Throttling LTE Data will fluctuate from one area to another as you may not be the top 5% in another city. It really isn’t just a straightforward cut to speed, many factors are included.
Starting October 1st, Verizon will begin this whole operation to optimize their network. Verizon is confident that throttling the best unlimited 4g lTE data plan won’t affect most users as you’d have to reach a pretty big number to even see it, however a couple hours of YouTube videos can mark an astounding amount of data. Come October, it could be time to move on & consider alternative carriers that don’t completely swindle their customers.

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