Best Wah Pedal – Signature Wah-wah Buying Guide

Hi Guitarist, We promise to find out some top wah pedal for you. See our recommended some signature wah-wah and help you to select your best wah pedal.

ImageProduct NameSpecificationsBatteryPrice
ImageProduct NameSpecificationsBatteryPrice
wa1Dunlop 535Q Cry Baby Multi-WahSix new guitar wah ranges with Dunlop ECB003 AC Adapter, boost from 0 to +26 dB1 9V batteries requiredClick for Price and More Details
wa2Vox V845 Classic Wah Wah PedalLegendary Wah-Wah tone, AC power connector, Power consumption is 540uA @ 9VDC1 9V batteries requiredClick for Price and More Details
wa3Dunlop GCB95 Original Cry Baby Wah WahBoasts a 100K ohm Hot Potz potentiometer, Dunlop ECB-003 AC Adapter1 9V batteries requiredClick for Price and More Details
wa4Morley VAI-1 Steve Vai Bad Horsie WahSteve Vai's precise specifications with LED indication1 9V batteries requiredClick for Price and More Details
wa5Boss PW-3 Wah PedalGig-ready durability On/off LEDS1 9V batteries requiredClick for Price and More Details
wa6Digitech XHR Guitar PedalStompbox tone controls, Spectral-contouring EQ1 9V batteries requiredClick for Price and More Details

Dunlop 535Q Cry Baby Multi-Wah

[azonbox1 tagt = “We Recommended” imgurl= “″ imgdsc=”” lnktxt= ”                Check Price and                Buy from Amazon” linkl=”″ headline= “Dunlop 535Q Cry Baby Multi-Wah” subhline=”Six new guitar wah ranges with Dunlop ECB003 AC Adapter, boost from 0 to +26 dB” text= “” ]This will be a quick demo days Dunlop crybaby jus 535 and this best wah pedal has some interesting features. There have two cute control and vendors to boost control.

The wall range control sounds like he’s changing something about the EQ. But it’s not their bodies doing it goes from moral basis job tone to more mature blow job.

You’ll get here that album or so ago control deciding to boost had full control which sounds like old Charl where he goes from a higher travel to a broader base job. Somewhere said that in the senate will usually sells like.

Vox V845 Classic Wah Pedal

[azonbox1 tagt = “We Recommended” imgurl= “″ imgdsc=”” lnktxt= ”                Check Price and                Buy from Amazon” linkl=”” headline= “Vox V845 Classic Wah Wah Pedal” subhline=”Legendary Wah-Wah tone, AC power connector, Power consumption is 540uA @ 9VDC” text= “” ]Here we have the incredibly affordable classic vox v 8 45 watt guitar pedal. This best wah pedal has the new version of the most famous guitar battle of all time and this best wah pedal is a sturdy and low-cost design.

It’s based on the specifications of the original pedal developed by vox in the sixties and this best wah pedal has the same legendary Wal-Mart own and new study but very affordable design. You can use an AC power supply or a 9-volt battery to power.

So let’s take a look at it up close and personally I’m using a nine volt power supply. But you can use batches. This best wah pedal is a while pedal. I mean it’s solidly built and I love the box while this was in fact the first wall panel. I ever purchased with my hard-earned pocket money back in the day and so we’ve got an input for you get our output amplifier even set it on.

The front it’s an incredibly simple device. this best wah pedal is probably one of the bass guitar effect ever made though the wall so let’s hear it in action with a clean tone and then a dirty lead tone too.

Dunlop GCB95 Original Cry Baby Wah Wah

[azonbox1 tagt = “We Recommended” imgurl= “″ imgdsc=”” lnktxt= ”                Check Price and                Buy from Amazon” linkl=”” headline= “Dunlop GCB95 Original Cry Baby Wah Wah” subhline=”Boasts a 100K ohm Hot Potz potentiometer, Dunlop ECB-003 AC Adapter” text= “” ]The GCB 95 is Dunlop straight-up crybaby best wah pedal. It got a hundred K hot pots potentiometer and really this best wah pedal gives the classic wah sound that we know and love. So well this best wah pedal has a switch on the front got an AC adapter, a 9-volt battery option and input and output and that’s it man pretty well straight up.

Today I’m playing a PRS 513 through a fender Princeton reverb amp. Any distortion tones are courtesy of the radial tone bone tri-mode.

So let’s give a listen to just the guitar and amp right now in the neck pickup single-coil mode. So you see it’s got a really nice even throw on a really smooth and not super quickie on the top and you know it’s kind of still stays really round warm on the top and even alright. So it is the Dunlop gcb 95 crybaby wah.

Morley VAI-1 Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah

[azonbox1 tagt = “We Recommended” imgurl= “″ imgdsc=”” lnktxt= ”                Check Price and                Buy from Amazon” linkl=”” headline= “Morley VAI-1 Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah” subhline=”Steve Vai’s precise specifications with LED indication” text= “” ]The bottom of the pedal electrical optical walk control has also a switch. The best wah pedal which means you don’t have to step on any buttons to activate it that can you step on the pedal it turns on and once you step off it turns off for the sound samples.

I’ll be providing a clean tone, a low gain distortion and a high-gain distortion. My recommendation is what I paid for this best wah pedal and finally what the average prices for a used version online.

So for my final recommendation of the morally bad horsie, I recommend you give it a try if you haven’t used a script. This wall before it takes a little bit of getting used to. But once you’re used to this best wah pedal, you don’t want to go back as far as what I paid for the pedal.

Boss PW-3 Wah Pedal

[azonbox1 tagt = “We Recommended” imgurl= “″ imgdsc=”” lnktxt= ”                Check Price and                Buy from Amazon” linkl=”” headline= “Boss PW-3 Wah Pedal” subhline=”Gig-ready durability On/off LEDS” text= “” ]The pw three pelo from boss and this is a dual voice pedal which means that this best wah pedal has two different voicing. This best wah pedal has a vintage voicing as well as a rich modern setting. The pw three is a very simple straight ahead pedal input output connection for a power supply or you can run it off of nine-volt battery.

The pedal turns on and off using a pressure switch. So you simply step down to turn it on step down to turn it off. This best wah pedal is also one of the quietest while pedals that I’ve encountered even with it on press all.

The way down you’re not getting a bunch of noise and his side of the amplifier. Let’s check out the sounds in the pw 3. I’m playing a fender custom shop strap with custom fat fifties pickups through an artist 15 amplifier from black star. Here our dry sound of the wall by past to begin and we’ll check out.

The vintage voicing what I want but how in this setting the pw 3 has a nice open sound. The resident is a little bit higher in the mid-range and we get a nice crisp open top and I’ll show you the range of what we have here from all the way back to all the way forward and even in the fully forward position is not a harsh screeching sound is still a nice warm sound. I especially like this setting for funky rhythm parts.

I will switch to the rich voicing. In this voicing the residence is shifted downward. It’s a fad vocal wat own that really works well for lead parts to give you an idea of the comparison. I’m going to set the one to one position and we’ll switch between the rich and the vintage settings.

So here we’ve got the rich voicing and I’ll switch to the vintage voicing. You can hear, there’s a dramatic difference in the lower mid range on the bottom and this best wah pedal really gets fat sounding when you’re in that rich setting and it really opens up the top end when you’re in the vintage setting. One of the great things about the pw three is that this best wah pedal has indicator lights to tell you when it’s on.

So many wall panels you don’t know that it’s on until you actually step on the pedal in here whether it’s affecting the tone or not. In this case it’s very easy to look down and the LEDs actually stick out to the sides a little bit. So you can see those even when you’re directly above the pedal.

I hope you enjoyed this quick look at the boss pw3 wah pedal with those dual voices. This best wah pedal is very versatile and with this compact size and light weight. It’s great for any pedal board. no matter how crowded the nice thing is even though.

This best wah pedal is a compact pedal. When you put the arch of your foot right on the pedal, it really has a nice throw to it as well. This best wah pedal is very expressive and very easy to play.

Digitech XHR Hot Rod Rock Distortion Guitar Pedal

[azonbox1 tagt = “We Recommended” imgurl= “″ imgdsc=”” lnktxt= ”                Check Price and                Buy from Amazon” linkl=”” headline= “Digitech XHR Guitar Pedal” subhline=”Stompbox tone controls, Spectral-contouring EQ” text= “” ]First this is housed in a very sturdy metal casing which will make it very rugged and reliable if you bring this best wah pedal on the road. The battery compartment this house underneath these quick release pins if you have you up but Jack can easily access the battery compartment and back.

So if you need to swap out the battery right away that can be done very quickly features. A single input from one gets higher and two outputs one output is for you after they’re put us for your mixer.

So if you have to do a late night recording session, you can still use the mixer output. It’s not quite the same sound. I do prefer the Apple put. Most of those were some of the controls here. Next we have the level control. This control the amount of volume button control which is just too high or low frequencies and the gain control. The gain adjusts the amount of distortion that applied to your signal. Finally what’s unique to this pedal that has a more from this number is basically emulating three other pedals.

So as to the far left at everything, the ProCo rat pedal is in the middle 12 o’clock position. This is the boss ds1 into the far right is the arbiter Fuzz Face mixing anywhere in between those will blend those pedals or more of them as always I’m going to have.



Boss ME-80 Multi-Effects Pedal

The FX Pedal (the expression pedal) from BOSS ME-80 and I’m using the MANUAL mode to make the explanation easier having each pedal individually.

First of all, when the expression pedal is turned off, this best wah pedal works as a VOLUME PEDAL. Well, let’s go to the first effect Wah Wah. To turn the expression pedal on firmly, press the toe of the expression pedal and the light turns on.

I’m using a CLEAN amp first to demonstrate the Wah. I’m going to change to DRIVE preamp. Next effect is VOICE Create sounds that simulate a human voice and I hear something like “Oh Yeah!”

Check this out and the next one lets you vary the pitch up to one octave higher than the original. Next one gives you 2 octaves higher like the famous whammy.

This best wah pedal has a famous effect used by Tom Morello both on Audio slave and R.A.T.M. Next, lets you vary the pitch up to one octave lower than the original.

This best wah pedal is good to use if you don’t have a floating bridge guitar, like Floyd rose. You can simulate it. Now, we have FREEZE function which sustains the tone of the guitar.

At the moment you press the pedal (full throttle). You can also step the pedals, changing effects while Freeze is on. I’m going to start it “clean”

Next one is OSC DELAY. It’s an oscillating delay, used by many artists, live or in studio to make some crazy stuff.

This lets you use the pedal alone to produce this oscillating delay that otherwise would require you to bend down and carefully control both the FEEDBACK and TIME parameters.

The last three have a similar function. OD/DS lets you control the DRIVE when using OD/DS effect. For example, I’m going to use a CLEAN preamp and turn on the BLUES DRIVER.

Gain on 50 When “full throttle”, I have gain on 50. As I slow down, the gain become low too. This best wah pedal works well when you have a soft rhythm and a heavy chorus, for example even a guitar solo, playing rhythm and solo MOD RATE controls the RATE when using the MOD effect.

Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100 Multi Effects Pedal

The amplify line of products also part of effect pop. This best wah pedal allows users also to Bluetooth streaming audio from their Device and take advantage of the tone matching capabilities using round trip.

I’ll amounts of work. But now you can store a hundred different backs. In this battle this best wah pedal features the same from power control the cabs as well as spray volume pedal that also serves as wallpaper. You push down on a hundred factory presets featuring. Some of the most popular homes and also comes in different categories like rock blues jazz metal.

So via the app you can take a look at what store an all up to twenty-five banks the fort on. So here are a couple examples from the tone that hum doing me on the front panel control. You have the same knobs that you have on the amplifier cabinets drive bass mid treble fax lever. You also have the same volume knob that served your purpose.

You can control volume on the guitar in reference to the overall makes from its red well-controlled playback with the top. You also have a pedal that serves as a volume pedal. But when you push down up and on the toll, you’ll notice that it switches to walk in which case it takes on the characteristics all the while programs and from the tone be up by remote. You put it on again and it goes back to ball. You also have your four tones which is ABC anything and you can’t hit a.m. be together to bank up as you can see or CND together to bring down.

So in which bank you have before trial, you also have here the top temple bun which allows you to control your time face the facts. But if you hold it down for two seconds, you can see that it goes into tuning up. You have your guitar input you have your stereo main output.

The left channel is mono. You have out your headphone out and USB output for future use. You can just simply come out of the hands out for guitar only told and then you can connect the main out to your home stereo system.

The history of the Wah Pedal

We’re looking for ways to expand the range of tones available for the electric guitar. The type of effect that would later become commonplace however it wasn’t until 1966 when that was we know it came into being while working for work electronics who own the rights to the box name in the United States engineer Bradley j Plunkett place the mid-range boost pot into the housing of a box volume pedal and created the first world war.

How and why did this happen. Well it’s a long story but I’ll try and keep it brief. In 1966 Beatle mania was still in full swing in America and was looking to capitalize by repurposing.

The box super beetle is as a transistor rather than valve amplifier. The box and platonic orchestra is new and will be just one part of a range of signal processing and amplification products for big bands and orchestras while working on the amplifon arranged plunk experimented with a transistorized solid-state mid-range boost circuit connecting it to an oscillator he noted.

The interesting mutant effect and had band leader Bill page play saxophone through the circuit originally marketed as a product for brass and woodwind. the box wall was released to the public in February 1967 bearing trumpet player club McCoy’s name and endorsement shortly afterwards work sub-brand.


The Thomas organ company released their own rebadged version of the wall dubbed the crybaby. However Thomas neglected to trademark, the crybaby name and many imitation pedals began to appear primarily from Italy where both the box and cry baby were made. Of course the war has evolved many times since.

The original box and crybaby models from optical to switch list technological advances of LED manufacturers worldwide to try to improve on the original while circuit with varying results Morley’s optical range have been hugely popular with Steve.

I using them as a crucial part of his sound and digital was such as the boss pw 10 have been offering players a huge range of tones all in one box even Jim Dunlop, the current manufacturer of crybaby pedals as innovate wildly over the years offering not less than 14 different signature models. Dunlop’s huge range includes customized crybabies for Eddie Van Halen Kirk Hammett Joe bonamassa / Zakk Wylde and more each with their own sounds and features.

How to Use a Guitar Effect Pedal

The wha why was made popular back in the sixties by such players as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. It’s great for blues. It’s great for metal that’s great for funk.

The Wah I am using today, my own personal Wah is this Dunlop custom audio electronics version. We’ve got some options, got some boost options Up. Recently, I really enjoyed the Zakk Wild Wah and I’ve been using that quite a lot. This isn’t true bypassing this one but I occasionally stick this in the bag and use this. It seems to have more sweep and bottom and top end but it’s not true bypass. You get a similar sort of sound but this one.

The custom audio electronics 1 is true bypass. So if you got it a whole ton of pedals going on it doesn’t affect your signal too much.

I just got this running before my amp at the moment before my tiny little pedal board which I got going on which isn’t really doing anything mainly just the amp sound.

My general sound sort of cleans up or I can just crank it. I’m doing it from the volume pot. So I’ve written down on piece of paper on the floor some titles. Because there’s no really right way or wrong way of using a Wah pedal. It’s just what feels good but maybe I draw some attention to some things that you haven’t thought of. So the first thing everybody does when they naturally use a Wah, they pump in time with the err, they pump in time with the track.

Little groove one, two, three, and four and if I use it with the Wah with that it creates some life and groove.

The strumming and the Wah are the two things. You’ve got to sort of synchronies and a lot of that is very scratchy. I’m hardly expressing the note. I’m only doing a little riff in Am and all that gets accented when using the wah.


So the main thing I’m expressing there is I’m not really thinking about what my foot is doing. It’s all about this hand and I’m just moving the Wah in time with the groove. So you don’t really have to think too much that’s what everybody usually does. When a plug-in a Wah and there’s nothing wrong with that it works you know it works a lot.

The time but some things you might want to think about are actually using it rhythmically and not just pumping it in time with the track.

How to set up a Wah with an Expression Pedal

The morning of themes filter machine on mobi contains a while I’m out that can give you a great sounding. Why fact set your mobile is to accept expression pedal in the levels many of navigate to the filter machine and access the parameters many by pressing down and select. why from the mods now assign the estimate setting to either program one or printing of next navigate through common for emitters to make sure.

The expression of the best wah pedal setting is turned on in finally assigned the parameter knob to the expression pedal in the EP set menu option. She’s the heel setting first and turn.

The parameter knob to its minimum position and next chooses the tow setting and turns the parameter not to its maximum position exit the common friend a nurse by pressing the value encoder and type last but not least, make sure the second debts parameter to its minimum position city not introduce any modulation in the wash sound when rocking the pedal to its total position.

How to Create Hendrix Sound w/ Wah Pedal

The affects the jimi Hendrix used quite frequently were uh… Wallach phones and uh… brought out where you live all three of those effects in conjunction with each other simultaneously and also uh… at different times. He’s one of the other weenies fall-off along with the unified sound and uh… distortions. You really get close to contact Hendrix sound. You know don’t have by strata have a telecaster.

So sniping idle something like and there’s nobody does. But we’re here talk about titles and this is kind of a hat ahead receipts sound uh… what I’m using his amusing the full time days of the intensity. All the way up at the moment is sending didn’t brothers serving.

I’m using my camp distortion right now the while wise off. But here’s a resist and I’m going to have the wall up. so they have it on really doesn’t sound anything like Hendrix as far as the south playing and I’m not using the strata but you know those are the three effects the jimi Hendrix like to use they’re not.

The exact same petals they’re not these acts in the facts are not using these seem to talk but you can get close to some of the sounds that the pretty creative. You know using the wall off the days of and I’ve been cement distortion. It’s a very cool science.

Wah Guitar Pedal Rhythm Tips

There is as the drums are gone and I’m just emphasizing comply with the tempo and picking with the same tempo.

So what you’re getting is a nice water fact going over the dry bean. Its kinda working in time with the drums and I just simply going one soldiers you know such as picking through.

Wah Pedal Guitar Playing Tips

The sky clipping, the show again is playing law in a variation above type rock riff. You can use over basic drum be and want to do here is an actually could probably be used more as a lead guitar lick want to do. Here is the play games oversee minor pentatonic going when a/c Oct live on.

So with the walk back with the drums or some like this and so what you got. There basically is your local zoning funky affect with the law playing over octave work anion.

Wah Pedal Guitar Tips in a Major

The wall panel that you know just doing different ideas that you can do over a basic drum beat. on this 1i, I’m going to keep a basic Ramona storm once and I’m a play in a minor and you’re pretty much alone play for in the break it down so with the musical some like this.

The water at all not only keep you know the music going and I’m keeping in time with the drums. I’m doing my wall but I’m pretty much what do the work and I’m just simply gone on.

So it’s an example where you can let the affect Conover do the music instead a rather than just running or picking.

From a timing perspective to you, you know you be tapping your foot anyways even if you weren’t using a fact typically.

Wah Pedal Guitar Tips in B Major

I’m using some rest between which is very commonly used only get are particularly in blues. we can go world starting building a full band up on the 10th right on the beach during and holding the be no on the high E string and the polling of from the 10th to the seventh and coming to the night pretty on the G string so in the terrible scrapes in there. If you want for like actor textures or whatever rhythm and then a little walk chromatic walk up on the A string.

Guitar Wah Pedal Tips: Am

The lake where you can, I use some rest and you know chromatic lyrics and stuff like that to give you an idea about a variation in use playing rhythmically. But you’re playing lead so with the drums or some like this wild through weld well then pretty much what I did there.

Guitar Wah Pedal Tips: Dm

The G string which is an ok third finger on the 0 be string on the third and then on. The first fret of sold is high to make day and we’re doing. Here is picking through and they want to as just polling of when I’m coming up and I’m going with the drums or some like this well 1.

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