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 Understandably, what with all the leaks & rumors pointing to it, the iPhone 6 swill be shown to the world in 2 new flavors; 4.7-inch & 5.5-inch. This is the main event but it’s not all Apple has to offer. Before buying apple iphone 6 from online, you also have to know iphone 6 specs and features. We also recommended the best place to buy iphone 6 from online.

An iWatch to be used with the new iPhone will also make a debut. Of course, it’s not an original idea but Apple will make it better than the competition in order to sway Galaxy Gear users over from the dark side. Focus will be on health & ease of calling, texting & siri. There’s a lot the new iWatch will be capable of and we cannot wait to see it in action.Sapphire displays will be a feature point of all new Apple products. The iPhone 6 event will make sure to convince everyone that they need a sapphire display. It’s to be used on the iPhone 6, iWatch and possibly even the new iPads to come. Structurally it’s a monster compared to Gorilla Glass and features an optical clarity that is unrivaled in sharpness. Of course this glass will be artificially manufactured but that does not mean it’s easy to make or cost effective, for Apple though it’s a feature that will further separate the iPhone 6 from any competition.

Payments. According to many rumors & analysts, Apple is cooking up a major payments system that will use NFC capability to ease your life. It’s unlikely we will see NFC in the iPhone but it could be a feature exclusive to the iWatch that will convince many people to buy it. No need for wallets or credit cards as all of your transactions can be managed through this one device which is attached to your hand at all times.

Apple is scrambling to fix their security. A huge emphasis in the iPhone 6 event will go on proving people that Apple cares and is constantly improving their security. It’s almost laughable how faulty Apple’s security has been in the past. Passcode loopholes, iCloud bypasses & so many little exploits have been found, not to mention the recent celebrity nude leak. Expect a long speech on how Apple is providing the best security of all.

And that’s it, these are to be the biggest announcements at the iPhone 6 event which happens on September 9th. Stay tuned for all the updates.



Every year, hundreds of thousands of people line up to be the very first early iPhone adopter, this year will be no different. For some it’s as simple as being part of a crowd that’s eager to get their hands on a long awaited new product, solely for personal use. For others, it’s a business opportunity like no other.

Imagine this, Apple solely from a consumers perspective is a company with prestigious products, many purchase this phone for the status symbol, others for it’s linear functionality. Not everybody likes complicated. When a company like Apple with very devoted fans is in works with a new product, it creates hype, this hype drives business, that’s normal. Now some people take opportunity of this occasion to profit, and profit they do. Supply and demand at its finest.

It goes like this, you’re standing in line along with everybody else and are eagerly awaiting the morning to get your grubby hands on the shiny new iPhone. Suddenly, you’re approached by a gruff Russian man who calls himself ‘Bogdan’. What Bogdan wants from you is to buy him an iPhone, of course not for free, he’s willing to pay you anywhere from 50 bucks to 200 on top of what it will cost you. Size & color don’t usually matter.

What usually happens is what I call ‘the great migration’. Living in the Pacific Northwest, it’s very common to meet hundreds of people in line from the California area. Lines there are too crowded due to local population so the profit is not as big, Scalpers will drive down to Salem, Portland, Seattle, Tri Cities and other areas in order to guarantee a larger haul.

This is not an unusual practice at all. In the past homeless have been hired to stand in line, there even exists a service for reserving a placeholder in line at 14 dollars per hour. While at a glance, it could seem non sensible to give up so much time in pursuit of being the first, you just wouldn’t believe how it’s insanely profitable.

That Russian with the thick accent offering you cash for your iPhone could be making upwards of 10,000 dollars a night depending on how much cash they bring. These iPhones are distributed almost immediately to locations where it’s near impossible to get your hands on the new iPhone early. Russia, Germany & Canada are all prime locations to sell your wares, prices sometimes reach up to 2000 dollars per iPhone. More than double the original price.

It’s crazy, and you need to have a hookup overseas in order to distribute the product but it’s a very profitable trade. These ‘Scalpers’ can make over 50,000 dollars per iPhone launch each and all it takes is purchasing around 20-30 iPhones.

Now if you guys want to make some money at launch, just buy an extra iPhone. The limit is usually 2 per person. Immediately post it on eBay after you get home and it’s very possible that you can net a 200 to 500 dollar profit without doing anything extra. Also, be very careful of thieves and scammers should you choose to camp out at the launch. The new iPhone launch is exciting, but for some it’s an opportunity driven by hype to make tens of thousands of dollars.


Buy apple iphone 6 online – How much it actually costs to build an iPhone

The iPhone 6 have been out for just over a week already and boy it’s been a crazy week.  Both exciting and disappointing for Apple. From mass lines and Chinese mafia to the bendgate issue and iOS 8.0.1 failure.These are the most advanced iPhones Apple has ever distributed and it only makes sense that we should be paying for quality. Now with the whole bending issue particularly on the iPhone 6 Plus, it’s apparent that build quality just isn’t ideal. But with all the new features and quality materials used, it raises a question. How much does it cost Apple to build the iPhone 6?

An aluminum unibody shell houses the internals. The display is made of Corning Gorilla Glass and everything inside is mostly manufactured by Apple. It’s a shame really that the camera is not the rumored Sony 13mp sensor. Apple saves plenty of money by building their own micro processors to power the iPhone 6.

It costs Apple $200 to make a standard iPhone 6 from materials to box and labels. For the iPhone 6 Plus, it costs just 16 dollars more with a final price of $216. That’s crazy, never would have I imagined that between the size and more materials used, only a 16 dollar difference would exist. So imagine this, it costs Apple 200 dollars for the iPhone 6 and they sell it at 600 dollars. That’s a 300% return on investment! With over 10 million units sold, that makes for a killer profit.

What’s worse is that Apple charges 100 dollars in between memory sizes even though it only costs them about 8 dollars of a difference. Then you throw in the proprietary lightning connector and you get a deadly mix of a monopoly. The 16GB iPhone 6 is roughly the same price as the iPhone 5S last year and it is most likely due to the falling costs of technology. Each year there are new and better developments, as a result, the prices keep getting better as the technology is adapted.


We have just a few days remaining until buy apple iphone 6 online, is finally revealed to the world on September 9th, the anticipation is palpable even though we have a very good idea of what to expect. Over the past months, we have collected a very sizable sum of evidence from which we can be almost certain of the new iPhone 6 design. Now with the final release nearly here, we may have our first glimpse of the iPhone in action running an activated version of iOS 8.

Not only that, but the “Passbook’ features a red bar with a credit card logo, further confirming rumors of a NFC capable iWatch. The iPhone 6 running iOS 8 is noted to be on a unreleased build of iOS 8 that could potentially be released as a final product since it’s so close to launch.

There has been a huge amount of speculation and fake information to sort through but with just 2 days to go, we don’t have long to wait for the final product. You can see the video of this iPhone 6 running iOS 8 below.

On September 9th, apple is expected to release the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 as well as a 5.5-inch iPhone 6L model along with the new iWatch with NFC capability. We cannot wait, stay tuned for all the updates.


Where did it go? Did Apple get rid of it? The True Tone flash has seemingly vanished in the recent iPhone 6 leaks. The round hole flash unit on the iPhone 6 is quite different from the elongated circle on the iPhone 5s. It’s caused quite a debate as to the legitimacy of many leaks regarding Apple’s new iPhone. While it seems unlikely that Apple would do away with their touted True Tone Flash feature, in a fresh leak, we’ve gotten a better look in detail at the new flash unit on the iPhone 6 which could settle those doubts.

Nowhereelse,  a reliable source for leaks in the past, has revealed more leaked images of the iPhone 6. Included is the actual flash unit for the iPhone 6. If you look closely, you can see that the flash housing is actually divided with both white and amber LEDs nestled inside. The round component for the True Tone Flash actually makes sense, Apple has always been about making more from less.

This round flash is part of the flex cable which shares space with the power button, logic board connector and microphone. The cable was leaked a while ago, but up until today we could only see the rear of it.

True Tone flash was introduced alongside the iPhone 5S, it replaced the bright white-only flash module in previous iPhone models. True Tone flash makes the iPhone capable of over 1,000 different color temperatures, it uses both white and amber LED units. It’s very likely that it will be a feature shared between the new iPhone 6 as well as the new iPad Air 2.



In the clearest leak yet, Apple’s iPhone 6 LCD display has been revealed. Sizing shows that it will be for a 4.7″ display and if you’re still having doubts about the display size, I just don’t know what to tell you. This leak just further strengthens the case about a 4.7-inch display iPhone 6.

Missing the home button, this front panel assembly from the iPhone 6 gives us an incredible look at the actual display. Leaked by a Taiwanese site called AppleClub we can see the LCD panel in both black & white configurations. It’s currently unclear whether or not these are actually made from a Sapphire material or only coated in it.

Every year around the release of the next generation iPhone, we receive scores and scores of part leaks & so many internal components. Based on these leaks we can always tell what the next iPhone will be like and this year, the iPhone 6 is no exception.

Now all there is to do is wait for Apple to finally lift the curtain on their new flagship iPhone, we can’t wait.


Designed & rendered by Martin Hajek, this iPhone 6 Detailed render gives us an incredible look at the final design. Designed & rendered in a very intensive 3D modeling program, these photos are simply stunning. Amongst the leaks & Clones, we never really get to see just how good looking the actual design is.

 These are not his first renders of the iPhone 6 or of the iPhone at all. For many years he has been making these 3D models of every new rumored iPhone & this year is no exception. With the new iPhone 6 expected to be unveiled on September 9th & having made several in the past, Martin decided to look at all of the latest info & create a fresh 3D mockup. To date, this is the most realistic & accurate render of the iPhone 6 yet based on every leaked part & rumor floating around. Not only do we get a highly polished exterior view, there’s several exploded internal views as well.

While yes, we have an idea of what the iPhone 6 will look like, we cannot be for sure that this design is 100% accurate. The exploded view is just incredible, every part you see is a leaked component of the purported iPhone 6. You get a detailed look at the logic boards, cables, battery and processor.

Now as we patiently await for more news on the iPhone 6, we can enjoy the spectacle that Hajek has created for us. If you wish to purchase the model, he has created a listing with even more detailed photos for $100. Stay tuned for more & all info regarding the new iPhone 6.



This year is no exception, however, the sheer amount of cables, camera modules, batteries & shells prove that the design we have all seen in the iPhone 6 Unboxing will be the actual one. It’s not uncommon to see parts of unreleased Apple products out in the while before a release.

These buttons are from the 4.7-inch & 5.5-inch models, in the photos they are compared to the previous iPhone 5S models. Although nothing too revealing or exciting, these pictures depict what how the Touch ID sensors & home buttons will look like on the next generation iPhone. The iPad 2014 models are also rumored to feature the Touch ID feature, it’s unlikely though that these cables would fit the iPad models.

The iPhone 6 leaks & rumors are piling up, we can’t wait to get in line for the new iPhone.


Before the actual release, check out the iPhone 6 Unboxing of the worlds first clone model.

  • Goophone I6 MTK6572
  • Dual Core 1.2ghz
  • Android 4.2
  • 1GB RAM
  • 32GB ROM
  • 4.7inch 854 x 480 pixels HD screen
  • 3G Service Capable
  • GSM Unlocked

That is actually pretty sad to see nowadays spec-wise. Depending on memory size, this phone will cost you around $120 and in return will give you an android skinned iPhone 6 clone along with all the bragging rights. Impressions start to wilt as you unbox this abomination, hastily prepared & unorganized, inside your prize awaits.Turning it on alone requires some patience, and once you’re inside its all downhill from there. It seems as if the developers simply wanted to beat Apple to the punch & release their own version of the iPhone 6. No proofreading spelling, no testing or any sort of quality checks, its a mess start to finish. The thing is a blatant rip-off of a product we haven’t even seen yet. Slow, inconsistent, agonizing is the vocabulary running through your head when you use the device. I’m sure after the release of the real deal we will see many new clones out but this things one redeeming factor is the bragging rights it wins you with your friends. “Look at me, I have the iPhone 6 before you do”.


So you’ve jailbroken iOS 8 and now you’re wondering what to do. Yes there are plenty of tweaks but they don’t actually change the look entirely. Yes they can change how your home screen works but to get to the actual juices you’ll need to install themes. Here are the top 10 themes found in Cydia. These are all compatible with the higher resolution displays found on the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. These top 10 themes can all be found in Cydia.

  1. Gliese iOS 8. A fun and colorful addition to iOS 8, brings back to life the vibrant colors and designs removed in iOS 7 originally.
  2. Aelon. Concise icons which can be customized to be round or square.
  3. Aura. Very simple and minimalistic theme for iOS 8. Square circle icons.
  4. Andora. Simply the most beautiful theme out there on Cydia. Color scheme that has an effect on your mood and makes you love your iPhone.
  5. 1ONE. Circular theme for iOS 8, very round.
  6. 0xygen.
  7. 0bscure. Sun cast theme, very 3d like and beautiful all around.
  8. Fusion. I found it one of the best flat-themes out there.
  9. StyleHD. Very minimalistic look for iOS 8.
  10. Fizz. Simply incredible theme, very refined for all devices.

Bonus Themes.

  1. Simply iOS 8. A cool look for iOS 8, very different.
  2. Flatish. Flat icon theme for iOS 8.



 iOS 8 looks great when stretched just a mere .7 inches on the iPhone 6 display. It’s really quite interesting that Apple has finally made the push to a larger screen. Most likely in an effort to compete with the popularity of massive Android phones. It really came as a surprise ever since Steve Jobs gave a keynote telling us that a screen should not be larger than the reach of your thumb. While the 4.0 display found on the iPhone 5S & 5 was taller, you could easily reach all points on the screen with regular use. However, on the iPhone 6 we could see the extra real estate becoming an issue when multitasking & texting with one hand. Of course, not everybody needs the larger display but it does make life easier for people with large hands that have a hard time mashing buttons on Apple’s current 4.0″ offering – buy apple iphone 6 online. 

My impressions to buy apple iphone 6 online after some spending time with my buy apple iphone 6 onlinewas that it’s generally an all around perfect size for the iPhone 6 display. It’s just a bit smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S5’s but a definite step up in room from the 5 or 5S. Video, multimedia, games will all shine & look better on the new iPhone 6. Especially when paired with the Sapphire coating technology & higher resolution.

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