Drum unit and color Laser toner cartridge suppliers

Without a doubt, the printer is one of the most important and most amazing discoveries in human history, so no wonder its evolution is constantly under the loop. Over the course of centuries, printer has evolved to where it is now, and from a simple, difficult to use device it has become a complex, easy to use one. This was made possible by revolutionizing the way it works, and today all you need to do to keep it running is constantly change its consumables.

When it comes to consumables in laser printer, there are drum units and lcolor Laser toner cartridge suppliers and here is what you need to know about them.

laser toner cartridge

Essential Differences

For starters, there are two major differences when it comes to these two. For starters, cartridge contains toner, which is used for printing anything with laser printer. What ink is to inkjet printer, toner is to laser and the greatest difference between them is that while ink is in liquid state, toner is most commonly found in the form of the powder. As for the drum units, it is basically used to turn black of the toner into different colors in your printer. This means that while you have one toner cartridge in your printer at the time, you can have up to 8 drum units (depending on whether it is a color printer or not).

How long do they last?

When it comes to how long they last, both of these items have vastly different life span. Namely, black cartridge lasts approximately 2200 pages while it is highly improbable that a drum unit will last more than 1500. This may seem pretty straightforward when it comes to numbers, but it is important to remember that common and color print have vastly different purposes and are not practiced at the same pace. Because of this, it is irrational to assume that their capacities would be exactly the same.

Comparing Price

Because of all the aforementioned, comparing prices is even more irrational seeing how they are two completely different things. Furthermore, each of them has its own price range, where you can save a bit more if you decide to skim on quality of print. Naturally, toner costs more since you need to get only one as opposed to drum units, which you may require more. Still, it is a bad idea to go with the cheapest solution, so whenever you have the option, try to go with a renowned brand. If you look hard enough you can even get a top-quality canon drum at a very affordable price from an online supplier. Pretty much the same goes for the toner as well.

Replacing Them

Be as it may, we already mentioned how long it takes for a drum unit and toner cartridge to dry up completely, but they may start failing even long before that. The deterioration in quality of print will be your first indicator that your drum unit is nearing its end and once you notice that, you will have to replace it soon afterward. There is a statistic that an average office user, prints up to 10,000 pages a year, which means that in this year he or she will have to replace their printer’s drum units at least once and their color Laser toner cartridge suppliers at least several times.
As you can see, toner cartridge and drum unit are essentially different items which are both required by your printer in order to keep running. Your need for them depends on how often you need to print in color and even then, you do not use every color equally. Once your printer starts popping errors or your quality of image starts to deteriorate, it is time to refill the consumables and knowing the difference between a drum unit and toner cartridge sure helps.

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