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Instead of using wire or cable, microwave systems use the earth’s atmosphere because the medium-through. These systems are extensively used for high-volume also as long-distance communication of each information and voice within the type of magnetic attraction waves. These waves are just like radio waves or electromagnetic waves however are in a higher frequency vary.
microwave systems

Microwave signals square measure usually said as “line of sight” signals as a result of they can’t bend round the curvature of the earth; instead, they need to be relayed from purpose to purpose by microwave towers, or amplifier, placed twenty to thirty miles apart. the gap between the towers depends on the curvature of the surface parcel of land within the neighborhood. The surface of the planet generally curves regarding eight inches each mile. The towers have either a dish or a horn-shaped antenna. the dimensions of the antenna varies in line with the gap the signals should cover. A long-distance antenna may simply be ten feet or larger in size, a disk of two to four feet in diameter, that you often see on city buildings, is large enough for little distances. every tower facility receives incoming traffic and sends the signal to following station.
The primary advantage of exploitation microwave systems for voice and information communications is that direct physical cabling isn’t needed. (Obviously, telephone lines and different kinds of cable should physically connect all communications system points that can’t receive part signals.) quite 1/2 the telephone system currently uses microwave transmission. However, in some areas, the saturation of the air waves with small transmissions has reached the purpose wherever future desires can ought to be happy by different communications strategies, like satellite systems.

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