Facebook status love & facebook status attitude

You are the regular user of Facebook status love & facebook status attitude  but do you remember how many have you written for the last time? In writing Facebook most of the user became celebrity.  But for only writing the note option of the Facebook can’t gain achievement for the user.
But we think that now Facebook wants familiar this option. Some experiment they created to design of the note. 
The main of this experiment is that most of the user think that mainly Facebook can’t separate it’s from the status. So not only general status but also Facebook wants to give the note as like as blog post so that the user can show eagerness to use this. From the report of the technological based website mash ball knows about this. The official of the Facebook says the technological based of this website,” to update the Facebook some experiment we are created so that the user can write and read big size writings”. At first the user of Facebook called bean sneaker the new design of the note has been seen. In this new design the note seems to be more clear and crystal and as like as blog post. You can attach a cover photo with the heading and body text. But another remarkable issue is that no advertisement has not been seen as like as the previous version of the note. Facebook always examined their new feature among the some users. So we can’t say that in the future whether this update is usable or not. But we can say that a great has come in regarding to change this. Because of after 2010 no update will not been occurred in Facebook. For some years Facebook creates experiment for their new feature. Instant article platform, live streaming, or embeddable video features are the result of this experiment. So now it is the time to see how the great change of the blog post can attract the users.  To see the new form of note just visit https://www.facebook.com/notes/10153092112003543.

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