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Marketplace for freelancers !A few months ago you to open an account, which consists of five Market (Envato) to introduce an Australian company. Marketplace a detailed discussion. For those who have not read the article says,
Theme Forest marketplace or the complete design of a website template designer can sell. For those who are skilled in website, designing can be an excellent income in theme forest . But newer forest theme on designing a facility cannot. A lot of consideration on the design of this site are allowed. For starters, there is nothing to be disappointed, however, to open an account for them, another wonderful Marketplace – Graphic River ( 
Theme Forest Graphic River site looks exactly like the site. Open an account of all aspects of external and internal rules of the marketplace are the same. Registration for that marketplace, one of the five to be members of all of the site. Here is the template you need to design the site, but a site that sells a variety of graphics to create a different way. The graphics are meant to say – website backgrounds, banners, buttons, icons, registration and login forms, business cards, newsletters, and more different types of design.
Graphic River
After submitting a design to create the design of the site to verify the quality of the work. When directed to the design of the site, the authorities considered that the design of a set price. Depending on the type and design of the minimum price could be up to $ 0 from $ 1. 70% of the money made from the sale of 40% for the designer. Youngsters, which sold 40% of the money was passed to increase at 70%. The first to hear the low price, but there is actually a design sold to multiple clients. Therefore, the price of 1 dollar a small banner is selling 40 to 50 times, then finally the total price is less extreme. This type of minor works should not take more than one day, a new graphic designer. In the left column, click on the various categories at all sections of the designs can be viewed and purchased. The main departments – Graphics, Design Templates, Texture, Vectors, Add-ons, Isolated Objects and Icons. Graphics section of backgrounds, buttons, forms, banners and websites of various materials sort. Business Card Design Templates section, an organization’s equipment templates, flyer, brochure, newsletters, etc. The texture is available in a variety of sections, such as wood, paper, stone, nature, concrete, metal, fabric, etc. picture. The images are usually used as a background Image to create a design. Cartoon characters and various objects found in the Vector section of the vector image, which is usually made with Adobe illustrator. Add-ons section of Photoshop and illustrator action, brush, style, shape, texture and pattern collection. Isolated Objects of the graphics object is used in our daily lives. Last Icon section of the striking combination of icons on the computer desktop, which is used to decorate or a website attractive design. Of the total, graphic River site from numerous departments is making and selling his own designs of any kind.
There is already a significant part of the left column of the website after they are – Author Program, Referral Program, Asset Library, Forums, and Blog. Designer as Author Program before starting work at the site rules and regulations you need to know well. Then it must be passed by a minor part in quizzes. Quiz answers “yes” and “no” is limited. Within five minutes, we were the best rules possible to answer all questions correctly. The designer is not being able to earn from this site, and through the Referral Program. Marketplace opens an account in one of the five sites is a new customer, the customer amount of money on the first deposit you will receive 30%. Before purchasing any designs on this site is to deposit a minimum of $ 0. That means a minimum of 6 million new customers, you can earn up to 30 dollars.
Designed to create a design, if you need any type of connection will be able to free it from the Asset Library. This site complies with copyright regulations are very strictly. The collection of images from other sites so that you cannot connect directly to the design. For the purchase of the image, or use the photo owner’s permission to be appropriate. The easiest way is the library to collect the images.
Regulations and the necessary information for the Forums section of the site visit regularly. Graphic River Authority to open an account will be managed in a variety of important information, a variety of news and a monthly contest for a chance to download graphics. Graphic River site, the icon now running a competition in which the first and second place awards will be given 00 dollars. After the login link at the top of some very important is, these are – Account, Bookmarks, Earning, Upload, and Deposit. Account section more divided – Profile, Portfolio, Downloads, Earning, Statements, and Edit. You can see any part of your Profile and Portfolio. Profile section, you enter the details of your own so that the client can get a good idea about your design process. You can create a design that will be displayed in the Portfolio section. If you’ve bought someone else’s design can be downloaded from the Download section. Earning at how much income a month, and you’ll see a detailed description and the proceeds from this part of the money. Statement at the site from your income / expenses Full details.
The rules are designed to: Graphic River to create graphic designs for many to bear in mind. Otherwise, the authorities would not accept the design. Photoshop or illustrator to bear in mind is that the time to act –
• Create a separate layer for each design.
• merge two or more layers into one layer or not.
• Layers are organized for the group to use. Let’s say you’re creating a set of a button. The same button can keep the same group.
• Use a variety of effects, which sometimes do not restrained layer.
• Layer and Group meaningful name.
• Use all computer fonts. For example – Arial, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Verdana, etc.. And if any of you were required to use the new font in the font can be collected from any website that must be mentioned. can visit the site for free font collection. The font will be available for free to its source.
• If your design is not acceptable for any reason, then the authority will notify you via email. The design can be submitted again to correct the mistakes.
• Any design that matches the design of the site to another to another, even if the authorities do not accept your design. So, to create a design that try to bring the diversity and innovation.
The rules are designed to submit:
After creating the design and submit it to the upper part of the site, click on the link called Upload. Selected quizzes must be made prior to submission. For each section of the Upload Instructions, New BETA Upload and Old-Style Upload button to see the three types. Instruction in the first part of the well and on the New BETA Upload button to start uploading. The problem in this part of the Old-Style Upload, click Upload. Upload rules are as follows –
• The design, enter a name and description. Dijainatite uses any images or fonts that can be found on the website that links to the full here.
• The alternate upload files. A total of 4 types of files to be uploaded. this are –
1. Image Preview: This section was designed to be a JPG image width of 590 pixels. This can be any height.
2. Thumbnail: designed to be a small JPG image 80 x 80 pixels.
3. High Res JPEG: designed to be the size of a high-resolution JPG image. The minimum width of 1200 pixels would be the Vector.
4. Main File (s): The ZIP file to Photoshop or illustrator all. This will download after purchase file any customer design.
• Category: Design includes a specific mention in the category.
• Image Resolution: Provide the design and how it made the resolution.
• Layered: Design of the layer, select Yes.
• Minimum Application Version: using Photoshop or any later version illustrator mention it. The acceptable versions – CS, CS2, CS3 and CS4.
• Tag to specify features of the design of appropriate tags or search takes the time to work.
• Comments for the Reviewer: This part of the site to give a message to the authorities. Some say that if you create any design you can tell it through this section.
Finally, click the upload button to submit the job. After your design has the authority to submit the list to see what the position. To upload the selected design will be verified within one to two days. If the design is accepted or rejected will be notified via email. 
There are three methods for withdrawal of money on income – PayPal, Moneybookers and International Money Transfer (SWIFT). Minimum $ 50 dollars if you can lift with PayPal and Moneybookers. The third method, the income must be at least $ 500.
Graphic River open an account, as well as strictly complying with the regulations of the marketplace is always superior designs are available in these sites. For this reason the buyer and seller may have over two million users are in the marketplace. A better design would make the results you will receive. Marketplace There are many designers who submitted designs for more than a hundred were sold within a few weeks. The monitor is designed to be another way of learning design. If you look at someone else’s design can create exactly the skilled designer will take over the rest of the day is too much. Thus, if the study design will get new ideas naturally.

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