5 Hot Information Technology Trends For The Future

In this day and age information technology trends is becoming more and more popular amongst millions of people worldwide. With the evolution and advancements being made in technology, any business like a SEO company to a construction company will eventually see positive ways of improving their overall business in the years to come. The following is a simple guide on the top 5 information technology trends for 2016 that’s about to make waves in the IT industry this coming year. 
1.      Adaptive Security
With the increase in cyberattacks against larger companies, the fight against these attacks are becoming stronger with new adaptive security technology. Adaptive security is becoming more and more popular with major enterprises as it uses predictive analytics to anticipate where cyber hackers will attack next. This type of IT technology is said to be a big thing in 2016 with many enterprises already starting to incorporate it into the overall security of their business.

2.      Wearables
Wearable devices are said to be a big thing this year with a prediction that manufacturers will ship over 111 million devices in 2016. This is a large prediction jump from the 80 million units which were shipped out in 2015. The most common wearables include smartwatches, fitness trackers, and technology glasses such as Google Glass. With the opportunity for businesses to interact with consumers, employees and other business partners through the use and sales of wearable devices, it’s no wonder they’re becoming a popular trend this year. It’s suggested that with the increase in wearables becoming accessible, it will boost a new trend of people developing mobile apps for these devices.
3.      Virtual/Augmented Reality
Virtual or augmented reality technology is said to be a big trend this coming year with the anticipated release of AR or VR headsets later in 2016. Major contributors to this area of technology includes Microsoft and Oculus Rift. It’s suggested that sales of these devices could top up to 12 million units in the coming year. With the increase in anticipation of virtual reality or augmented reality entertainment, businesses, especially gaming businesses, are said to gain the most impact from these devices. Companies have the potential to use these headsets for design work, engineering, construction, communications and training. The HoloLens augmented reality device from Microsoft is also said to be a big contender in this market.
      4. Protocol Conversion Device Technology
Industrial automation technology or protocol conversion devices are becoming a popular trend this year with their ability to transfer data by communicating with a variety of host devices. Industrial automation technology is being fast tracked into many different industries because of its ability to help handle different areas of different industries. The software or hardware technology is generally placed onto the end user device. The first network of protocol headers are completely removed and the data is wrapped in the second network protocols and is sent across between devices. This enables for more versatility amongst industries and helps to streamline the network operations which increases system performance.

         5. The Device Mesh
The device mesh refers to the expansion of communication and the way people interact, gain information, and access applications with people, governments, businesses and social communities. The device mesh includes almost everything device related including wearables, mobile devices, home electronics, sensors, automotive devices, and environmental devices. Instead of having devices operate in isolation from one another, the device mesh will enable greater cooperative interaction between different devices and the way they merge. This is set to become a big trend this year with ways of implementing the device mesh already starting to come together.
With the evolution of technology and how it has advanced over the years, it’s no wonder IT trends are starting to explode into our lives. If you’ve seen how far we’ve come to how far we have to go, it’ll be interesting to see just how much the human race will advance in technology in the years to come. Which trend are you most excited about?

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