Lan peer to peer network vs client server network

Local area network (LAN): 

Lan peer to peer network vs client server network is the local area networks usually require installation of their own communication channel, whether wired or wireless. Local area networks (LANs) are local networks consisting of a communications link, network operating system software, microcomputers or workstation’s servers, and other shared hardware.


Such shared hardware might include printers, scanners, and storage devices. Unlike larger network, LANs do not use a host computer.

 Local area network (LAN)
Client-server LANs

A client-server LAN consists of the requesting micro –computer, called clients, and the supplying device that manages shared device, such as laser printers. The server microcomputer is usually a powerful one, running on a powerful chip such as a Pentium. Client-server network, such as those run under novels’ Netware operating system .are the most common type of LAN. 

Client-server LANs

There are maybe different servers for managing different tasks-files and a program, databases, printers, the one you may hear about the most often is the file server. A file server is a computer that stores the programs and data files shared by users on a LAN. It acts like a disk drive but is in a remote location. A database server is a computer in a LAN that stores data. Unlike a file server, it does not store programs, a print server is a computer in a LAN that controls one more printers, it stores the print –image output to the printer or printers one documents at a time. Fax servers are dedicated to managing fax transmissions, and mail server manages electronic mail.

Peer to peer LANs: 

The word peer denotes one who is equal in standing with another  (as in the phrases “peer pressure” or jury of one’s peers”) a peer-to- peer LAN is one in which all microcomputers on the network communicate directly with one another without relying on a server. Peer- to-peer network are less expensive than client-server network and work effectively with up to  many computers. Beyond that they slow down under heavy use. 


They are thus appropriate for work teams computing. It is also called collaborative computing. Enables teams of co- workers to use networks of microcomputers to share information and cooperate on project. Software used for peer-to-peer networking includes LAN tastic by Microsoft. 

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