PC Gaming VS Console Gaming | 5 Tips for Better PC Gaming Experience

As a gamer, you need to have the best experience in playing your favorite games. Gaming has evolved for decades, and it expects to dominate in the future. There are numerous gaming consoles for PC gaming vs console gaming experience, you can play like Playstation, Xbox, PSP, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and others. However, PC is the most popular gaming platform nowadays where most of us play.

1 – Upgrade your gaming motherboard and graphics card

One of the reasons that you’ll likely be having a great gaming experience is the motherboard. Especially for those who are into hardcore gaming, they are looking for the best gaming motherboard and a gaming graphics card in town. It’ll help increase your FPS in playing games that consume a huge amount of disk space. This is one of the essential core items in PC gaming to experience something great in playing them, especially games that needs higher specs.

2 – Fiber optic connection

Although it’s fine to play computer games with DSL or broadband connection, however it’s not the best out there. As of today, fiber optic connection is the best option for better gaming experience. I have personally experienced playing PC games with fiber optic connection and DSL. As a result, I find that fiber optic is an ideal option because it lowers your ping and gives you the exact MBPS of your ISP. Unlike DSL and broadband, the amount of MBPS was divided depending on the number of units connected.

3 – Increase your RAM space

When I tried playing games with 2 GB RAM computers, it gives me limits which I can’t play very well with it. However, 4 GB to 8 GB RAM is good enough to avoid getting client crashes. Too much RAM consuming in a low RAM space would end up having crashes from time to time. Make sure that your PC has an extra slot for upgrading your RAM.

4 – Check for registry errors, malware, junk files, etc

This is very essential in terms of playing PC games from your computer. From time to time, you need to install an antivirus software that could check malware, junk files, security issues, registry errors and so on. If left unchecked, it’ll have a chance to slow down the performance of your computer and important files may become infected. Advanced Systemcare, Avast or Norton Antivirus with full license should help you a lot in order to maintain satisfied with your gaming time.

5 – Defrag your computer on a regular basis

Finally, it’s essential for PC gamers to simply defrag your computer for at least once a week. If you ignore this, it might end up slowing the overall performance of your PC. Windows has its own default defrag system which is known as “Disk Defragmenter”. Make sure that you let the computer finish defrag your entire system and turn on auto-shut down feature to complete the process.

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Final thoughts
I’ve been a hardcore PC gamer since college where I’m playing Ragnarok, Counter Strike and the classic Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) game. Prior to my experience as a gamer, I have tested computer units in various internet and gaming cafes around the city. Some units met my overall expectations, while others are having slight issues in terms of playing various games.
Issues like lag spikes, screen hanging, high pings, low FPS, client crashes and others are commonly based on my overall experience. As a result, I finally know the exact solutions to these problems for good.
If you’re one of those gamers who have multiple PC problems in playing games, these tips are truly effective to apply. Now you know how these tips could help you play computer games comfortably, it’s time for you to give it a shot. I tried all of these tips to my own desktop PC, and it really worked for me.  
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