Laser printer can print in different fonts | Printable fonts generator

Similar to a photocopying machine, a laser printer or a printable fonts generator uses the principle of dot-matrix printers of creating images with dots. However, these images are created on a drum, ink-like toner (powder), and then transferred from drum to paper. There are fine reasons why laser printers are the most common type of nonimpact printer. They produce sharp, crisp images of both text and graphics. They are quieter and faster than dot-matrix printers. They can print 4-20 pages per minute for individual microcomputers (and over 120 pages per minute for mainframes). They can print in different fonts- that is, type styles and sizes. The more expensive models can print in different colors.
Laser printer

One particular group of laser printers has become known as post-script printers. PostScript is a printer language, or page description language, that has become a standard for printing graphics on laser printers. A page description language (PDL) is software that describes the shape and position of letters and graphics to the printer. Post Script printers are essential if you are printing a lot of graphics or want to generate fonts in various sizes. Another page description language used with laser printers is Printer Control Language (PCL), which has resolutions and speeds similar to those of PostScript.

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