How to start freelancing with no experience & how to work on freelancer

Many times you ask yourself this question many times but do you know why you cannot work or you hire someone, why not? and how to become a successful freelancer.
Let us know if you do not hire someone who is not
You’re not really looking: Freelancing is to work hard to get a lot of work, but how much time do you spend? Freelancing or freelancer for the job you have to work hard because there is later.The Successful freelancer who gives their time + job status, and they are dedicated to working all the time for the clients.
To do so you will need to make yourself a better way in the first place
 The client has never heard of you: If you are a buyer you can not do your job every interesting there is no guarantee that the buyer will hire you. The buyer who has a lot of names or e-mail id, phone number, Skype ID, you can search the site through the search engine to find what works, and they could see social media sites these in your profile. If you can find it on social media sites, and they are very likely to see your profile. So you worked in the vaccine worked in the forum to try to better your feedback.
You have no portfolio
If you portfolio better chance of getting more jobs. You do not always get the job done for the project, then please update it.
You do not fill up Your Profile
If you work in desk or SEO smarts each buyer to bid in the first place, he will look at your profile, so you are authenticated or SEO smarts or work on the 100% fill up.
You need to clean up your social media act 
Almost all social media sites these days is almost free. But most of them share the videos or to upload pornographic images if you want to be a good freelancer Clean Activity Keep your social media sites.
You’re rude to others online
We work online or on many different blogs, forums or social media site to see the work that we do not like each other, so always treat one another and with the bad use. So who stands as a good way to start, because they do a lot worse I’ve seen a lot of use for the buyer to reject the job.
Your client responses are full of typos
In contact with the simple and as fast as you can reply email to the buyer. Many e-mail or text, using the signature of the Image, so many of the problems faced when opening an e-mail. So stay tuned for better communication. The e-mail or chat, whether you have just tuned Grammar spelling.
Your price is too low
If you do not have so much time working on the new price of freelancing think of. For example: A buyer has posted a job for $ 100, then the 50 workers who bid. This kind, some 199, some 100, some 60 (USD) Now you said the low rates as low as 0 dollars because your rate will attract more buyers in order to hire you.
The thought is a bad idea because it’s the folks who are rated as low and the quality of the work is less. It’s like a free offer to our country. Though free, the product is less than the value of the buyer and the quality of your work and closer way. With so reliable bid rate.

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