The four expensive drones what are they

Drone is the unmanned aerial vehicle. In the world the first usage of drone is in the military sector. Now without military sector the researcher seeks whether the drone can be used in other sector or not. They always seek whether it can be used in the human welfare. For this reason the e-commerce site amazon to distribute their product and to market their product they produce civil drone. Most of the developed countries have been sold in highly technological drone. This types of some civil drone are informed us by the elite daily dot com.
1. Gate wing x100 UAV drone:
In the market among the expensive drone gate wing x100 drone is one of them. This drone has been mainly produced for occupational drone driver.Only occupational drone user can use this drone.  In this drone the highly most durable machine has been used so that in the rough environment it will able to fly. This drone can be flown from the ground about 500 to 600 feet and the duration of its flying is 45 minutes. To fly this drone enough charge has been used. Without enough charge the user can unable to use this drone. The estimated price of this drone is 40 thousands dollar.
2. Droid WORX Sky jib Airframe:
Relative to the other drone this drone is very realistic intelligence based. The main feature of this drone is that this drone is realistic intelligence based. This drone has been used in most of the western movie and this drone is known as entertainment drone. This drone has been used to capture the photo with red camera. The starting price of this drone is 4000 dollar.
This drone has been produced in Germany. This drone has been used in the shooting such as to raise the little camera or little microphone this drone has been used. The landing and flying system of this drone is fully automated. A fully automated system has been followed to fly and land this drone. The starting price of this drone is thirty thousand dollar.
4. Penguin B UAV drone:
Penguin B UAV drone is generally accepted by in the civil drone industry. Most of the civil drone industries have been used this drone. The main feature of this drone is that all sector of the user can use this drone. That means this drone not only used by the military members but also general people can be used. This value of this drone is very high. The starting price of this drone is 50 thousands dollar.

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