Reason 1. Change the functionality of your device. Tweaks allow you to add new useful features and remove unnecessary or detrimental ones.
Reason 2. Change the look of your device, install themes and springboard overlay for a drastically new look.
Reason 3. Free tethering. Use TetherMe for unlimited tethering which is free after a one time fee.
Reason 4. Set any song as your ringtone from your music library using AnyRing.
Reason 5. Unlock the full potential of Bluetooth on your device. Transfer files between iPhones, iPads and computers running OSX or Windows using AirBlue.
Reason 6. Jailbreaking can put you ahead of the game in terms of receiving the best fixes. WiFried for example, fixes the famous iOS WiFi issue on all devices. Talk about the top reasons to jailbreak.
Reason 7. iFile allows you to gain full access to the root of your iOS device. Copy, move and send files without a computer.
Reason 8. Clean leftover memory using iCleanerPro, never run out of memory again.
Reason 9. Save even more battery life using Batt Saver. A non-jailbroken device cannot do this.
Reason 10. Increase security using iGotYa. IGotYa takes a picture and sends location after an incorrect unlock attempt. IGotYa can also prevent the thief or perpetrator from shutting down your device and stopping location tracking.
Reason 11. You can increase the security of individual applications using BioProtect. Adds a TouchID scan to selected applications.
Reason 12. Supercharge applications using tweaks. For example, using Facebook ++ you can use in-app messenger again, save videos to your device and disable read receipts. Pandora skipper lets you skip unlimited times and SaveGram will let you download photos from within Instagram.
Reason 13. Remove limitations set by apple regarding your cellular network. Download apps over 100mb using your network connection or stream DirecTV, YouTube in high quality. 3G Unrestrictor trick your device into thinking it’s on WiFi when you’re actually on your cellular network.
Reason 14.  Emulate all of your classic favorite games. You can Emulate GBA games HERE, PSP games HERE and Nintendo DS Games HERE.
Reason 15. Make your system volume even louder, not safe for prolonged use but can help in some situations using Volume Amplifier.
Reason 16. iBlacklist is a true way to block callers, text messages and facetime calls.
Reason 17. Change your carrier logo, very simple little tweak that makes Jailbreaking satisfying. Zeppelin.
Reason 18. Customize icon amount for dock, animation speeds using Springtomize 3.
Reason 19. Import features from android onto iOS. A perfect compromise between the 2 operating systems. JellyLock7 is just the android lock screen.
Reason 20. Set default browsers. Open In Chrome sets Google Chrome as the default web browser.
Reason 21. A true system wide night mode using Eclipse 2.
Reason 22. Save time with Killbackground8, easily clear the App Switcher of all apps using this tweak. Huge bonus over a non-jailbroken device.
Reason 23. Enable unsupported features on older devices, such as ConvoPics which brings the iPhone 6 Plus exclusive contact images in messages to all other devices. Also install slow motion on older iPhones.
Reason 24. Ability to drag and drop all matter of files such as music after jailbreaking.
Reason 25. Swipe Selection improves your typing experience and saves time.
That’s it guys, the top reasons to jailbreak iOS 8!

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