What are the concept of hardcopy and softcopy?

Output hardware consists of devices that translate information processed by the computer into a form that humans can perceive. the computer-processed data consists of 0s and 1s, which require to be translated into words, numbers or photos that people will comprehend. The two sorts of output are hardcopy and softcopy:
Hardcopy Versus Softcopy

Hardcopy: Hardcopy refers to printed output. The principle examples are printouts, whether or not text or graphics, from printers. Film, including microfiche, is additionally considered hardcopy output.
Softcopy: Softcopy refers to information that’s shown on a computer screen or is in audio or voice form. this kind of output isn’t tangible; it can’t be touched.
There are several types of output devices. We begin by describing the following hardcopy output devices: printers, plotters, and multifunction devices.

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