What does hard disk drive do or how does it work

What does hard disk drive do:

A diskette is inserted into a slot, called the drive gate or drive door, in the front of the disk drive. Sometimes a door or a latch must be closed after the disk is inserted. This clamps the diskette in place over the spindle of the drive mechanism so the drive can operate. In newer drives, how ear, the diskette is simply pushed into the drive until it clicks into place. An access light goes on when the disk is in use. After using the disk, you can retrieve it either by pressing an eject button beside or by opening the drive gate.

How a disk drive works

The device by which the data on disk is transferred to the computer, and from the computer to the disk, is the disk drive read-write head. The diskette spins inside the jacket, and the read/write head moves back and forth over the data access area. The data access area is an opening in the disk jacket through which data is read written.

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