You can upload video as a facebook profile picture video upload

Now Facebook profile picture video has become a live. The world’s famous social network announced that the Facebook user could upload video as their profile picture. As a result the Facebook users can upload a video with a 7 seconds replace their still picture. The technological based website mash ball tells about this.
But in the first all of the users can’t use this new feature of Facebook. In the first day, this new feature is opened for only the iPhone user of California. Then gradually it will be reached the whole world. Facebook says that the profile of any id is a fully personal issue. So Facebook wants to become the profile more alive and beautifully. So they are created this new feature. But all time this video is not running. Video loop only when entering into the profile page that means by entering individual profile or other profile user can see the video by clicking. This video can’t see beside the status of news feed or the other place. As well as with the video, audio can listen only when the full view mode has been turned on. Entering profile user can see the video but can’t listen anything.
Before some days Facebook announced about temporary profile picture through this feature for some days or some hours special profile picture has been uploaded. After some days the old profile picture has been retrieved again. But it will think that after coming timeline the profile video has become the great change of Facebook profile. Even through this feature seven minutes duration of video can also be uploaded. But there is no limitation to upload a video now. The uploading video Facebook crops with own in square size and then at the place of profile picture.
And this feature arrived at those profiles, a tutorial has been provided on his account at reaching and the tutorial will provide all instructions to use the video. Facebook always try to create new feature for the user. The trying of Facebook always adorable and appraisable as well as create jolly environment among the users. 

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